Leader of SEAGM with many talents and skills

by Uma M.
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Leader of SEAGM with many talents and skills, is none other than Tommy Chieng, CEO & Co-Founder of SEA Gamer Mall Sdn. Bhd, also globally known as SEAGM. In fact, Tommy started his career as an employee of SEAGM in 2010. Over the past few years, his talent and contributions to the company birthed significant results. Consequently, Tommy became well recognized and soon after, identified as the next leader in SEAGM.

Tommy Chieng – CEO & Co-Founder of SEAGM

Tommy has led SEAGM, a Malaysian online e-commerce platform that sells digital goods and services for global gamers. In addition to that, Tommy manages external partnerships, marketing initiatives, systems, finance, and business development that has further strengthened the SEAGM branding.

Early years of a future leader

Tommy Chieng is a NUS (National University of Singapore) graduate majoring in Computing. Adding to his 13 years of experience in management and business development, Tommy has demonstrated his business acumen in the online games industry, esports, e-commerce, payments, fraud management, and digital goods. His skills in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Product Management, Operations Management, Online Frauds, Payments, and E-commerce over the years are also notable achievements that has further brought fruitful results to SEAGM.

Tommy has poured in years of hard work and dedication towards building the SEAGM brand

More recently, Tommy Chieng has been shortlisted as one of the finalists for the Best Male Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the acclaimed, The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA) 2021. SOBA serves as testaments of high achievement and serves as a benchmark for others to emulate. This is indeed a great recognition for Tommy as the CEO of a growing business.

Advice for future CEO’s

Tommy’s advice for other young potential entrepreneurs is to always instill a sense of passion and perseverance within them. He believes that passion is equivalent to love, and when one feels love towards their work or business. Indeed, it is this passion in them that will drive these young potentials to grow their business successfully. Thus, when they have perseverance accompanying that passion, it will build the strength within them. The passion and determination to continue working towards their business without giving up. It is important to account for failures in early stages of building their business as a potential CEO or entrepreneur, hence the need to have perseverance to drive that passion is vital.

For the latest updates on Tommy and SEAGM, follow the SEAGM news portal today.

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