Killjoy Temporarily Banned Due to Turret Bug Exploit | Valorant Update

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Riot games is temporarily has temporarily banned Killjoy from Valorant as they issue a hotfix for her turret bug/glitch exploit. The exploit allows Killjoy to place her sentry in the walls of C Long Haven. Additionally, the turret can also be set under “Garage”, exposing enemies approaching B Site. Consequently, players are unable to counter the turret and put in a severe disadvantage.

While the Haven bugs prompted Riot to temporarily disable Killjoy, her exploits are prominent in other maps as well. Another bug location is in Bind. By placing the turret under “Box” in B site, the Turret detects enemies from B site all the way to A “Lamps”. You can catch a video of it here (warning, it’s pretty laggy!)

killjoy banned
Source: Taklubaba Gaming on YouTube

Killjoy isn’t the only Agent that has game-breaking bugs. In addition to Killjoy, there has been numerous reports of notably Omen and Sage bugs. Additionally, there are several other minor bugs that put the player themselves at a disadvantage. Breach, Skye and Jett reportedly have irregularities in their abilities that play not as intended.

For a full list on why Killjoy was banned, check out the Bug Megathread in the Valorant subreddit. Here you can find a full list of other bugs and exploits in the current Valorant patch as well. For more Valorant, why not visit SEAGM News, where we cover skins, agents, and more.

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