League of Legends: Kayn the Shadow Reaper

by Sammy Chan
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A few months have passed since the reveal of Rakan and Xayah, who were the first new champions to be released at the same time. This time, Riot is releasing two champions in one! Meet Kayn, the Shadow Reaper. In terms of looks, this champion looks like Jin Kazama (Tekken) crossed with the Grim Reaper.

New Champion(s)?

As far as we know, Kayn fits into the criteria of both tank and assassin. Because he’s two people! So how does that work? Well, similar to the Elemental Lux Skin Mechanism, summoners get to choose between Kayn’s two forms: Shadow Assassin and DarkinWhen he’s the Shadow Assassin he’s called Kayn but if you refer to the Darkin side, he’s called Rhaast.
First, Kayn needs to build up the ‘charge’ for his transformation. He does this by killing champions. But pick your targets wisely because killing ranged champions will fuel your Shadow Assassin bar and killing melee champions will fuel for Darkin.
But don’t worry, you won’t spontaneously transform if either bar is full, you’ll have to manually click the icon at the bottom of your screen. Just remember that Red is Darkin and Blue is Shadow Assassin.
Kayn is the first champion in League of Legends to be able to change his class in the middle of a game. So be sure to exploit this by carefully considering the enemy team’s compositions and how your team is performing before you choose. Because once you choose one side, you can’t change later in the game.


Passive: The Darkin Scythe
This helps you gain charges for your two forms. As I’ve said before, ranged champions = Shadow Assassin. Melee champions = Darkin. Once you’ve picked sides, the passive will grant either:
Shadow Assassin: Bonus magic damage during first few seconds of combat with champions
Darkin: Heal for a chunk of all spell damage dealt with champions.
Q: Reaping Slash
Essentially a skill shot version of Yasuo’s dash. Kayn dashes a short distance, damaging the enemies in an AoE around him.
The bonus for this skill will only apply if you’ve picked Darkin:
Darkin: Deals a bonus damage based on health percentage to enemy champions.
W: Blade’s Reach
A frontal AoE cleave that charges similarly to Sion’s Q, damaging and slowing all enemy champions and minions hit.
Bonus Effects:
Shadow Assassin: Leaves behind a living shadow that casts Blade’s Reach in Kayn’s stead. This is similar to Zed’s shadow.
Darkin: The skill briefly knocks up enemies.
E: Shadow Step
Kayn gains a small burst of movement speed and the ability to walk through walls for a duration. Kayn will heal a small amount of HP when he first steps into the wall. The ability’s duration will extend if Kayn uses it out of combat.
To balance out Reaping Slash, Shadow Step’s bonus will only affect Kayn if you’ve picked Shadow Assassin.
Shadow Assassin: Additional movement speed and immunity to slows when using Shadow Step.
R: Umbral Trespass
Kayn can target champion he’s recently damaged to Trespass. The Ult works like an alternative Shen Ult. You disappear and reappear on a target champion, except instead of teleporting to allies, you teleport to enemies. And you damage them instead of shielding them.
Bonus effects:
Shadow Assassin: Umbral Trespass’s range increases and resets the bonus magic damage from The Darkin Scythe after Kayn leaves his target.
Darkin: Umbral Trespass deals bonus damage from a percentage of the victim’s maximum health and healing Rhaast in the process.
All in all, a very exciting and revolutionary champion for the game. Kayn will probably be unbalanced coming out in the new 7.14 patch so you’ll be fighting for that insta-lock for a few days.
If you want more information about Kayn the Shadow Reaper and his lore, visit the League of Legends website.

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