June Humble Monthly ft. Dark Souls 2

by Sammy Chan
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Image via HumbleBundle

This month’s Humble Monthly is out, and you can get Dark Souls™ II: Scholar of the First Sin, and other goodies like Brigador, Plague Inc: Evolved, Tiny Echo – A Humble Original, and even Humble Monthly’s first ever comic – Underwhere by Kevin Eastman, for only $12.

Image via HumbleBundle

Humble Monthly is a monthly subscription bundle service where you get all the recent hits, hidden gems, and timeless classics all in one bundle, at the cost of $12. Didn’t get anything that interests you this month? Subscribers also get a 10% discount on all Humble Store purchases. What’s more, each month at least 5% of the proceeds go towards a charity of your choice, so not only are you purchasing a game, you’re funding a good cause.

Image via Steam

The featured game of this month is Dark Souls™ II: Scholar of the First Sin. If you haven’t been living under a rock, the Dark Souls™ series is well known for it’s difficulty, where both bosses and standard enemies have the ability to kill the player with just a few hits. Dark Souls™ II: Scholar of the First Sin usually costs around $40, and is basically the director’s cut to the game, where it includes all the DLC, new items, and new enemy placements, providing the player additional challenges to the game. If Dark Souls™ II isn’t your cup of tea, check out their list of games for this month’s bundle, you never know what you might find.

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