Indie Spotlight: Lydia

by Yong Chi Winn
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“Lydia is a grim but atmospheric story-driven adventure game which deals adults substance abuse from the perspective of a small girl.”

Image via Steam

Developed by Platonic Partnership Ltd, Lydia explores the theme of alcoholism and how it affects children. Play as Lydia, a little girl with alcoholic parents. Follow her and Teddy on a point and click adventure and be sure to expect about 1-2hours of emotional journey as you dig deep and unravel the imagination of a small child. The game is highly atmospheric tinge with grey-scale graphics and ambient original soundtrack to set the tone of melancholy so headphones are highly recommended.
The game is currently on the Top and Trending list of Steam and has a 10% discount if get it before the 9th of June.
Check out the trailer here.

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