Jump – Netflix For Gamers Who Enjoys Indie Games?

by Sammy Chan
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What is Jump?

Jump is a subscription-based service that allows the users unlimited access to play its highly curated selection of Indie games on demand, for a flat fee of $10 a month.

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This service is essentially the same as Netflix or Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, except Jump caters to Indie games. While still in beta test mode, the service is already promising players that they will be adding new games. The testing period will last until July 24. If you’re curious about this service , you can actually sign up now for a 14-day trial.  As of now, the service has only 8 games to offer. Jump runs its service via a web based technology where it launches its highly curated selection of games from the platform’s client. This allows you to play locally without needing to fully install the game.
However, if you’re a supporter of Indie developers and you fear Jump might make things worse for them, hakuna your tatas. The estimate is that developers will be making more money on Jump, they might surpass even Steam! Jump will take 70% of the cut whereas developers will take the 30%. The amount will be based on time users spent playing their game. This amounts to about 25-50 cents per hour from one person.

Broadening the library

Image via Jump

Final note to touch on before you go, Jump’s service places heavy emphasis on Curation. The company’s chief insisted that a handful of games, 10-12, be added at the start of each month. Not succumbing to pressure and expectation of rapid expansion, the platform will take its time to grow its library. By doing so, older games will get a chance to be discovered and not get piled on by new ones. So, you’ll have to sit back and enjoy what the platform hand pick for you each month I assume. This is highly in contrast to how Steam operates, since they tend to focus on trending titles. Read more about that here.

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