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Seraphine is the latest Champion in League of Legends, Wild Rift. Her passive “” encourages her to play aggressively as she provides support to her teammates. She is also capable of shielding her teammates and healing them. Here’s a look at all of the abilities, optimal builds and runes Seraphine should bring with her into the Wild Rift.

How to Use Seraphine, the Starry-Eyed Songstress of the Wild Rift

Riot is currently reworking her lore, but as of now Seraphine is a Zaunite Mage from Piltover. She has the ability to hear the souls of those around her, and draws inspiration from them to craft symphonies to support her allies and devastate her enemies.

Of course I take the picture when her eyes close.

We’ll go over her passives, abilities, recommended items and runes, then proceed to the tips on how to play her.

Seraphine Abilities and Tips

Overview and Passives

Being a mage, Seraphine has abilities that deal magic damage and hence puts an emphasis on items that build AP and Mana Consumption/ Regeneration.

Personally, I find this design very appealing.

Seraphine has the Passive “Stage Presence”, where every third basic spell will cast twice from Seraphine. This is particularly useful as not only does this result in double damage, but also triggers additional stat boosts and buffs to each of her unique skills. We will get into them in the next segment.

Additionally, Seraphine also possesses the passive “Harmony”. “Harmony” grants grants Seraphine and her nearby allies “notes” when she casts her abilities. These “notes” buff Seraphine’s attack range as well as deal additional AP on her next attack.

Judging from her passives, you can already tell that she is meant to be an aggressive support that teamfights from a distance. Now, let’s look at her other abilities.


1st Ability – HIGH NOTE: Seraphine deals 55 magic damage in a circular area. The ability deals more damage the less HP the opponent has, dealing a whopping extra 50% when the enemies’ health falls below 25%.

11 second cooldown

2nd Ability – SURROUND SOUND: Seraphine Shields herself and nearby allies for 60 damage for 2.5 seconds. This shield becomes stronger the more AP she has. Hastes nearby allies. She gains degenerating bonus movement that scales with her AP.

Bonus Effect: If she is already Shielded she will Heal herself and nearby allies for 5% of their missing health as well.

23 second cooldown

3rd Ability – BEAT DROP: Seraphine deals 60 magic damage and impairs the movement speed of enemies by 99% for one second.

Bonus Effect: If the enemy is already slowed, they are rooted instead. If the enemy is already rooted, they become stunned.

12 second cooldown

Ult – ENCORE: Seraphine deals 150 magic damage (plus bonus scaling from her total AP) and charms enemies hit. The range of the attack extends with every allied or enemy champion hit.

ENCORE is not affected by “Stage Presence”

120 second cooldown

Spoiler Alert: This attack lands

Ability Progression Route

Considering that Seraphine has a very powerful passive, you’ll want to abuse it as much as you can. In order to maximize it’s use, in the early game it’s best you unlock:

High Note -> Beat Drop -> Surround Sound -> X

This is because High Note and Beat Drop have relatively low cooldowns, making it easier to stack up the passive “Stage Presence”. In Wild Rift, Champions level up significantly faster, so it’s fine to leave Surround Sound for level 3.

Depending on your team and your enemies, you decide on whether you would rather max-out your offensive or defensive abilities.

Personally, I’d recommend maxing out High Note first as it can immensely reduce the cooldown allowing for great passive stacks. Additionally, High Note is particularly useful for clearly out minion waves, so that’s also a factor for you to consider.

As always, prioritize your Ultimate ability whenever possible and adapt to enemy and team behavior.

Seraphine – Suggested Item and Rune Build

As we’ve seen, Seraphine is a monster at dealing relentless AP/ magic damage. Therefore, keeping her mana regeneration and AP fed is key is her effectiveness.

The following build will get the job done for beginning to learn the character. Generally, you will want to build towards increasing your mana sustainability, increasing your AP, and lowering your ability cooldowns.

Rune Factory:

Keystone Rune
– Deals poke damage or casts shields on your allies. Perfect for hanging back and being a nuisance to the enemy.

Domination Rune
– Slowing down enemies “marks” them for 5 seconds. When marked, enemies take 5% more damage.
– Tip: when it’s used with Beat Drop in a team fight, GGWP.

Resolve Rune
– You gain 2 Armor (AR) and 5 Magic Resistance (MR).
– Your closest ally Champion gains 5 AR and 2 MR.
– Handy considering you’re most effective as the team-fight support.

Inspiration Rune
Manaflow Band
– Landing abilities on enemy Champions permanently increases your maximum mana by 30, caps at 300 extra mana.
– Most mages use this rune to sustain their fights in the early game.

Item Build:

Luden’s Echo (+AP/Max Mana/Cooldown Reduction):
– Moving and casting abilities fills the “Discord” meter. At 100 Discord, the next active ability deals 100 + 10% AP bonus magic damage to your target and up to 3 nearby enemies.

Harmonic Echo (+Max Mana/AP/Cooldown Reduction)
– Moving and casting abilities fills your “Harmony” meter. At 100 Harmony, your next healing or shielding ability restores 70 health +10% of current AP to you and up to 3 nearby ally champions

Boots – Ionian Series
– 10% Cooldown reduction
– Will go into further detail in the tips section

Rabadon’s Deathcap (+AP)
– Increases AP by 40%
-That’s a ton of AP no cap.

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter (+Max Health/AP)
– Damaging active abilities and empowered attacks slow enemies by 20% for 1 second.
– Using this in addition with your Weakness Domination Rune issa bop.

Void Staff (+AP)
– Huge base AP boost
– 40% Magic Penetration, dealing more damage to tanks and enemies.

Seraphine Tips and Ability Combos

So, know that we know her abilities and builds, let’s look into how to use Seraphine and her recommended Spells. Her passives push her into becoming an aggressive support, hence you’ll want items that can sustain your mana supply.

Seraphine is very much a “squishy” character. She doesn’t have much health and to be at her most effective she needs to build on AP, therefore hanging back in team fights and becoming a great source of utility is undoubtedly her ideal meta.

She’s not tough at all. That’s how you KNOW she a snowflake…

In the early game, focus on helping your ADC last-hit minions. enemies by using “High Note” to keep them away at a distance. Additionally, try to land “Beat Drop” to warn the enemy about being slowed near your carry.

Situational Awareness

Condition your ability usage so that you can situationally utilize your “Stage Presence” passive. Here are some hypothetical situations:

  • Lock down an easy to kill enemy by using Stage Presence Beat Drop.
  • Deliver the finishing blow to an elusive enemy with a double dose of large radius High Note.
  • Heal ally Champions in a pinch with Stage Presence Surround Sound.

Take note that in the mid-to-late game, Seraphine has the ability to make the area around her and her allies a chip-damage nightmare. Every time she uses an ability, ally Champions nearby get “Notes”. These Notes can then be fired like self-guiding missiles, accumulating heaps of damage to any target. Not only can you target minions and Champions, but also Turrets, swiftly eradicating the structure within mere seconds.

Having all 5 members with 8 notes each for a total of 40 notes being shot off to an enemy or turret? Now that’s firing a load.

Don’t give them space to breath and they should surrender in 7~8 minutes. Also hehe load.


How you choose to utilize Seraphine’s Ultimate in Wild Rift is, like any move in the game, situational. Her Ult, in addition to dealing decent damage, charms opponents. Therefore, it’s best used to lure enemies into unforgiving and undesirable situations.

If you’re facing a squishy Assassin or Support, you can use it to drag them to your own damage-centric ally, or even bait them into your turret.

Solo Combo:

Ult -> Surround Sound -> Beat Drop -> High Notex2 -> Note Barrage

Bait in the enemy with ENCORE. Shield yourself (2.5 seconds) with Surround Sound to mitigate potential damage, and slow the enemy with Beat Drop before they manage to run off or worse, commit to annihilating you. Once they’re slowed, they should be an easier target to unleash the damaging High Note. With your 8 notes, quickly follow up with your passive to deal the last bits of damage. In Iron and Bronze ranks, the Note barrage passive usually scares the enemy to flee.

When in team-fights, you’ll want to avoid using Encore to charm tanks or multiple enemies that can soak up heaps of damage. The exception is when you feel you can get their health dangerously low so that your team can finish them off without having to worry about the enemy ADC trading for them.

Instead, try to buff your Beat Drop ability with Stage Presence so that you can root/potentially stun enemies. They don’t bring the enemy into a dangerously close position and even gives your team a chance to retreat if necessary. When rooted/stunned, hit them with High Note and Harmony to lower their health and discourage them from chasing you.

Pay attention to the distance between them in the mini-map

It’s worth noting that your Ult, Encore, extends it’s range by passing through allies. Therefore, it’s particularly useful for catching fleeing enemies running away from your allies in a straight line and potentially finishing them off with its high damage output.


Based on these situational tips, you can choose how to use Seraphine with a variety of spells. As a support, having the Heal spell is useful for sustaining fights with your carry.

Ignite is also useful for finishing off enemies with true damage for when your initial AP game isn’t that strong. Despite that, I personally find myself using Flash more. As Seraphine is a squishy Champion, those last second flashes can be quite useful for escaping into the comfort of my home turret.

Depending on your playstyle, it would be best to choose from Heal, Flash, and Ignite.

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That concludes the How to Use Seraphine for beginners in the Wild Rift guide. Did you find it helpful? The passive “Harmony” is particularly useful for destroying turrets quickly and have often changed the tide of battles into my favor. We hope it helps!

If it does, let us know in the comments what other Champions we should cover! For more on Wild Rift, check out SEAGM News!

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