How to top up in Ragnarok M Eternal Love (Easy method with pictures guide)

by Sammy Chan
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Ragnarok M recently launched and we’ve noticed several comments in the game’s group. And, these comments generate the same concern towards one glaring issue. Players aren’t very happy with the top up system. Some pointed out it was outdated for not having PayPal feature. Regardless of what issue you have with it, there’s a way around this. Here’s how to up in Ragnarok M Eternal Love without hassle. Just follow these steps and you’ll get your Zeny easily.

Top up with zGold Mol Points via SEA Gamer Mall

Part One: Purchasing the code

  • Go to SEA Gamer Mall’s Ragnarok M Eternal Love page.
  • Select the amount you wish to top up based on your country.

*IMPORTANT*: Make sure you select the correct country or else your code won’t work later.

  • Click Add to Cart. Then Click View Cart. At the View Card page, enter MOL16ROM in the voucher code to get additional 5% discount! (Limited time availability).
  • Checkout and pay.
  • Once your payment is complete, go to your profile, select My Orders.

  • Copy order detail.

  • Head over to the Live Chat (lower right of the screen, orange box) and tell them you would like to retrieve your purchase code. Follow the instruction and retrieve your code.

Part Two: Activating the code

  • Go to ROM’s website, click on Official Recharge.
  • Select your country (must be the same as the purchase above) then choose Direct Top Up.
  • Select which in-game currency you wish to recharge: Zeny, Big Cat Coin or Premium.
  • Fill in your character ID. You can retrieve this in-game by tapping on your character profile.

  • Select which character you want to receive the transaction.
  • Choose the amount, make sure it’s the same as the amount you purchase for your card from Part One.
  • Click Recharge Now.
  • Fill in your Serial and Pin.

  • Fill in the Captcha then click Continue. 
  • Click confirm and you’re done.

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Congrats! Now you have successfully reloaded into your Ragnarok M Eternal Love account. If this is your first purchase, you’ll get to enjoy a double bonus as well! Remember to use the special offer code [MOL16ROM] when purchasing the card in part one during check out at SEA Gamer Mall’s website!

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