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Hello Rox, 

Finally, the Christmas Shootout is here in Ragnarok X Next Generation. This Christmas Event start from 23 Dec 2021 5:00am until 31 Dec 2021 5:00am. To participate, mount your way to Geffen, the City of Magic. Just hit the balloons to obtain your desired Christmas Gifts!

So hoow to obtain this exquisite Christmas Gift?

Step 1: Use your Odin’s Blessing and grind the monster, participate in Instance and clearing mission in the Carnival to obtain Magic Projectile (Starshot (Meteor Pellets, and Icicle Ammo). The higher the quality of the Ammo you use, the more damage you will deal to the balloons!

Step 2

Step 2: Go to the Christmas Shop in Geffen to purchase. You are required to get the exclusive item: Elk Slingshot. After purchase, equip your slingshot.

Step 3

Step 3: Use the Elk Slingshot or approach the battery to activate ranged attack view, and then aim at the balloons and shoot. Pop any balloon to get your desired Christmas Gift. The larger the balloon, the greater the reward!

Note:  Don’t use mount while doing this activity, if not your slingshot won’t be activated.

Step 4

Step 4: Go to Christmas Shop at Geffen, and choose your Christmas Gift Exchange. 

It’s now to test your “aim” while joining the fun in this event.


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