Heroes Evolved celebrates 6th year: new hero, skins, and giveaways!

by Raymond Foo
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The renowned MOBA, Heroes Evolved, celebrates its 6th year with a new hero, skin, and giveaways!

Heroes Evolved is a balanced competitive mobile game of action with impressive fantasy maps and will make use of your skills, teamwork, and strategies to survive and succeed. 

To celebrate its 6th year, a new hero – Khaos, a legendary with exceptional sustainability alongside the first-ever dual form skins – Departed Light for twin beauties Asura and Freya is coming to the game. Tons of giveaways and events are also available to participate in – 6th Anniversary Cheers event, Ranked Matches, and 6th Anniversary Super League where you can receive an exclusive limited anniversary skin Minos – Car Mechanic, exclusive Super League skin Dr. Madd – Poison Destroyer, and thousand of Tokens.

Use the invite code HEY6YEARSGM to get the FREE heroes and skin! You may also receive up to 15% off when you recharged your Heroes Evolved mobile tokens with SEAGM today until 5th May 2023.

What are you waiting for? Download and celebrate Heroes Evolved 6th year with us!

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