Hectic Arcade Shooter Rival Megagun Announced

by Yong Chi Winn
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Degica Games and Spacewave Software have announced a new game! Rival Megagun is a bullet hell survival game with a twist on its multiplayer component; it’s NOT CO-OP. In most bullet hell games, you’ll partner up with a friend or AI to clear out swarms of enemies. In Rival Megagun, however, each player is assigned to one half of the screen and tasked to fill up their ‘chain’ by obliterating enemies.

Defeat Enemies To Build Up ‘Chain’

By generating enough ‘chain’, you can shoot projectiles into the other player’s side of the screen. Another use of the chain gauge is the ability to transform into a ‘megaship’ and directly invade your opponent’s screen, sentencing them to an almost imminent doom.

Rival Megagun will come with both local and online multiplayer. You can always find someone to battle it out with. With several unique heroes to use at your disposal, there’s a variety to pick from. You can spend time learning their pros and cons to square up to your opponent. If competitive action isn’t for you, there’s also a single-player arcade mode.

Rival Megagun

Image via Spaceweave Software

There are no major announcements aside from it’s revealed as of now, but you can subscribe to its newsletter if you can’t wait for more news on this hectic shoot-em-up. The official Spacewave Software website does not include the Switch in its listed platforms, but the Switch is mentioned in the YouTube Trailer. It’ll be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Despite the confusion with the trailer and the website, it is, rest assured, confirmed for Switch too.

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