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by Sammy Chan
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It’s been five years since Grand Theft Auto V came out back in 2013 and GTA Online is still very much alive and pumping! The game recently updated their online counterpart with a new patch called After Hours. It essentially gives players the opportunity to run their own GTA online nightclub. After Hours will link up all your Motorcycle Club businesses with the nightclub in this patch.

What to expect in After Hours?

First off, to get a club in this GTA Online nightclub patch, you’re going to need a lot of cash. However, if you’re a veteran who has been playing for some time and has their own Bunker or Mobile Operation Center, the price will probably not shock you. Though it’s important to note that location is key. You will probably want to get one that is significantly closer to your other properties. Currently, the cheapest units you can purchase is in Los Santos International Airport ($1.135M) and Elysian Island ($1.080M).

GTA Online After Hours

A nightclub will never be perfect without the right decorations or interior design. There are a few customizations that you could choose from. First the nightclubs’ style, in which you choose the interior design that you fancy. Then there’s the light rig – a nightclub is never complete without beaming and flashing lights. Despite giving players the freedom to customize the looks, the game doesn’t let you customize your club name :(.
The nightclub also functions as additional storage for vehicles (if you own other property that has garages). Finally, it wouldn’t be nightclub without dancers and dry ice, right? Cosmetic-wise, the After Hours currently offer a sufficient amount of customization. Rockstar might add more in the future. I do have to say though, the dance moves for the characters look pretty awkward at times.

DJs and the sets

For now, you can pick from three different DJs for your nightclub during patch-launch. Solomun will be the first DJ that is available. He also comes with the purchase of a nightclub so basically the “default” DJ. Oh! Did you know, all three featured DJs in GTA Online exist in real life? Solomun is a German DJ that has been mixing for Tomorrowland.  Soon they will be adding in new DJ, The Black Madonna. She has also tweeted about her upcoming in-game feature as the last resident DJ for the patch. If you are big fans of these DJs or a deep-house enthusiast, I think you’d enjoy the mix while chilling with your virtual friends. The only kind of friends we have, right? 🙁
The other DJs are world-class acts Tale of Us and Dixon.

Other new addition in After Hours

Now that we’ve got the nightclub bits out of the way, here’s some other stuff that was added as well alongside the GTA Online nightclub patch. Besides looking forward to managing your motorcycle club businesses from your nightclub, check out these additions:

  • Four new achievements related to After Hours.
  • A new radio station, Los Santos Underground Radio (LS-UR) that will feature mixes from nightclubs.
  • Nine new vehicles:
    • Mammoth Patriot Stretch
    • Ocelot Swinger
    • Dinka Jester Classic
    • Festival Bus
    • MTL Pounder Custom
    • Maibatsu Mule Custom
    • Vapid Speedo Custom
    • Blimp (Personal favorite!)
    • Enus Stafford (Sedan)
    • B-11 Strikeforce (Plane)
  • Stone Hatchet
    • This is redeemable once you complete the free mode Bounty Hunter mission. Maude Eccles will be calling you on this mission. You would need to complete five bounty runs to get the hatchet in GTA Online. After completing, you will be searching for clues on the whereabouts of the hatchet. To redeem it for the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2, you will need to kill 25 enemies with the hatchet.

In the After Hours

In a nutshell, the After Hours DLC adds a different venue for players to run their business from apart besides the existing motorcycle club. However, if you’re more into CEO/SecuroServ missions, buying a nightclub is redundant unless you just want it for the aesthetic. This is due to the fact that later on in your progression with SecuroServ, you can start heist with Lester without having access to any of your other clubs.
Though if you’ve been working on your cocaine trade in your club, the nightclub definitely helps with passive money generation.

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