Grand Theft Auto 6 Leaked Has Been DENIED

by Sammy Chan
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Grand Theft Auto 6 Leaked by Actor’s Resume is Fake!

Grand Theft Auto V was a masterpiece by Rockstar Games, but you know what might be better? Grand Theft Auto VI! Unfortunately, the hype surrounding the actor for “Grand Theft Auto 6” is fake. Sorry to burst your bubble.
The original story was that Tim Neff, the actor was working on motion-capture for Rockstar Games in both Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto 6. Apparently, it was listed on his resume, as pointed out by a Neogaf user who has since updated the status of his post as a HOAX:

Image via Neogaf

This led us to believe that Rockstar is getting pretty far along with the making of the game and we would see the release in another year or two (2018/2019).

What actually happened

Skeptics believed that the resume was typed and the actor actually worked in Grant Theft Auto 5 instead of 6 and Rockstar invited him back to work in Red Dead Redemption 2. A believable theory, for sure.
Just as fans began to hype up the idea of a new GTA game. A phone call to Neff’s agent and the speculations were denied. The agent said “We asked time and he’s not a part of that. He thinks it must be something made up online because he’s definitely not a part of that.”
However, our hopes and dreams are not over just yet! Logically speaking, a game as successful as the GTA series does not just drop off the face of the Earth. So don’t worry, there is definitely going to be a GTA VI! We just have no idea about the progress of the making. Regardless, we’d love to hear your speculations on what Rockstar will include in GTA VI in the comments!
Don’t be too bummed out about the hoax, GTA VI will happen. Eventually.

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