[FREE GAME] Get Killing Floor For Free

by Sammy Chan
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Shooter games are going on sales right now on Humble Bundle featuring titles like Superhot and Killing Floor 2. If you’re thinking of grabbing Killing Floor 2, why not pick up the first game too ;). They are currently giving away free copies of Killing Floor for the 24 hours or so. Hurry over and download yours now before time is up!
killing floor

Image via Humble Bundle

Survive waves of experimental zombies

Killing floor is a survival horror FPS that is best played with Co-op. Set in the cities and countryside of England, navigate through the devastation and fight waves of zombies.  Survive long enough and you’ll get a chance to fight a special mutated boss-zombie. We recommend that you get your friends to watch your back as the wave gets increasingly harder.
You will be requiring a Steam account to redeem the game key. This copy is made for Linux, Windows, and Mac only. Get your free copy here.

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