Get Festive with PUBG Mobile Frost Festival Event for Free Skins!

by Daniel
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PUBG Mobile limited-time event Frost Festival is here with its second phase coming soon! If you haven’t completed all the tasks for the first wave, be sure to do so before December 19. In fact, even the bare minimum of logging in everyday earns you free skins and rewards!

That’s not all, the Frosty Festival brings a bunch of cool new features for players to enjoy, including:

  • Snowboarding the slopes of snowy environments!
  • Explore the Frosty Ice Castle
  • Celebrate with everyone by decorating the trees with Christmas Ornaments
  • Introducing three event locations to earn rewards! Play classic matches complete tasks for Holiday Decorations, Holiday Market and Holiday Gifting.

The event ends January 10, 2021.

Play one classic match to earn decoration tools, and decorate Frosty Town to win the Wishing Treeman Set alongside other rewards such as AG and crate coupons! Interested in reading some guides on how to get all the rewards? Sound off in the comments below, and stick around to SEAGM News to find out how you can get more free skins in PUBG Mobile!

Don’t have enough time to grind and get all the rewards in the limited-time PUBG Mobile Frost Festival event? Top-up UC with SEAGM to get all your Christmas-themed cosmetics fast!

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