Garena Free Fire’s Rampage: Road To New Dawn

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Welcome to the Garena Free Fire’s Rampage: Road to New Dawn!

The “Road to New Dawn” event is part of the ongoing Garena Free Fire Rampage campaign, and this event is happening from MONDAY 21st June 2021 to SATURDAY 26th June 2021.

In this 6-day event, players get to obtain in-game prizes by completing missions set during the event. The prizes are Gold Royale Voucher, Weapon Royale Voucher, Jeep-Stormbringer, and Diamond Royale Voucher. These missions are available to all Free Fire players for free!

Rampage: Road to New Dawn missions

To win these prizes, players must choose between TWO (2) types of mission:- Playing games or Invite people. Invite a total of 6 people OR play a total of 15 games would earn you the Gold Royale Voucher, Weapon Royale Voucher, and the new Jeep-Stormbringer.

However, to obtain the Diamond Royale Voucher, players are not given the option to obtain it through playing games and only through inviting players. Also to note that all the missions must be completed within the duration of the event.

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Garena Free Fire’s Rampage initiative which started off in 2019 is now back for the third time with the concept “Rampage: New Dawn” campaign for the year 2021. This is a continuation of the previous Rampage campaigns called “Redemption” for 2019, and “Uprising” for 2020.

After having great success from the previous “Rampage: Redemption” in 2019 and “Rampage: Uprising” in 2020, Garena Free Fire is back with its third series of Garena Free Rampage campaigns. For its third chapter, the campaign is called by the name “Rampage: New Dawn”.

Rampage: New Dawn features FOUR (4)

Rampage: New Dawn timeline



The Rampage: New Dawn campaign will run for a total of 14 days. It starts from FRIDAY, 18th June 2021 to THURSDAY 1st July 2021. To keep the FF fans occupied and entertained, Garena Free Fire has laid out a number of amazing activities, missions, and prizes for everyone.

Rampage: New Dawn missions

Throughout the whole campaign, players can obtain the Shadow Earthshaker Bundle by completing all points of the map. At the same time, the Stormbringer Swing can also be obtained through Daily Summon.

Players can only get the Monster Truck – Sabertooth and Earthshaker Stomp pan on June 26. Obtaining the Sabertooth is fairly easy as all you have to do is log in on the day.

But for the Earthshaker Stomp pan, players MUST get BOOYAH 3 times on that day. It is highly advisable that you grind for these BOOYAHs early in the day. This ensures that you have enough time to secure it 3 times within the 24-hour period.


In celebration of this campaign, Garena Free Fire is also partnering with world-renowned DJ’s Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike to create a theme song exclusively for the Rampage initiative.

Free Fire Rampage Theme Song by Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike

This dynamic duo is ranked 2nd on the DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list just beneath David Guetta, and best known for their music “Smashin’ the house”. You can enjoy this new theme song in Garena Free Fire on Spawn Island starting from WEDNESDAY 9th June 2021.

Meanwhile, if you have not listened to the new Free Fire Rampage theme song yet, here you go:-

The music highlight is revolving around four individuals – Drake, Rajah, Speedy, and Aurora. You can use them on the 26th of June 2021 as part of the Commit To The Battle event! Moreover, the more you gain more experience, the more potentials unlocked for each character.

Finally, if you want to know more about the Free Fire’s Rampage: New Dawn, check out the official article from Garena here.

Watch out for our news on Commit To The Battle on SATURDAY 26th June 2021!

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