Garena Free Fire: Kapella? Clash Squad goes ranked? There’s more!

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If you’re a fan of Garena Free Fire, then you would know that Clash Squad is now Ranked! 

That’s right! Apparently many of you Free Fire players out there were asking for Clash Squad to go ranked, and Garena has heard you. Clash Squad is one of it’s core game modes, and it will now feature a separate and different ranking mechanism as compared to the Rank Mode in Battle Royale. But that’s not all the latest update brought.


First and foremost, say hello to the Thompson SMG, which features a large magazine and provides less stopping power as compared to the MP40, best used for mid-to-close range engagements due to its consistency. Another mid-to-close range favourite, the MP5 has now been buffed, increasing it’s viability. The UMP has also been buffed with increased armor penetration and damage, but the M1887 has been nerfed with an increased reload time and reduced minimum damage.

Smoke Grenade

There are now Smoke Grenades in the Clash Squad Store, and it’s been one of the most requested things ever since the smoke barrel was released. It’s only available in Clash Squad for now though, so head on in and give it a try.


Yeah we know, it looks like an otter dressed up for a break dance battle, but make no mistake, this new pet brings about it’s Double Blubber skill. When using a treatment gun or medkit, the receiver will also recover some EP. Amount of EP recovered is 30/50/65% of the HP recovered. Not bad for a Hippity-Hoppity looking pet right?


Next, (and this is a big one), there’s a new character! Introducing Kapella, a lead singer of a Kpop band (Wait, what?)! This beautiful singer has a special skill called Healing Song, which increases the effects of healing items by 10/12/14/16/18/20%, and healing skills by 10%. It also reduces ally HP loss when downed by 20/22/24/26/28/30%, though these effects do not stack.


And finally, the motorbike is available in all modes, and supports two players. Need we say more?

There are more to this update which you can check out here. But what are your thoughts on the latest update? Have you tried ranking up in Clash Squad?

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