Garena Free Fire Esports Disaster : What happened this week?

by Patrick Mark
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In the past week , things have been chaotic in the Garena Free Fire Esports scene.

There were a lot of confusion, frustration and statement letters going around, here’s what happened.

Before everything started

Initially, the invited teams going into the 2nd MCP Majors, were the top 6 teams from the 1st season.


Of the 6 teams, 2 of them which were disqualified for breaking the rules which was clearly stated in the MCP Majors Season 2 2021 Handbook.

Rules are Rules

Under the Code of Conduct; Paragraph 2.2.1. Competitive Integrity: Smurfing or using another player or participant’s account, is a serious offence in this environment of play.

On August 14 2021, the team that were handling affairs from Garena Free Fire MCP Esports have detected suspicious activity among the teams qualifying for the MCP Majors season 2. Followed by statements that they posted on their Official Facebook Page.

The news came as shocking, these are the players that were on their list for smurfing

  •  AKO.xTheAxel (Autoknockout)
  • xLemon (Autoknockout)
  • xRoy (Autoknockout)
  • ME _ xBabytea (ME _ Synergy)
  • ME _ xTinmeow (ME _ Synergy)
  • ME _ xNeesa (ME _ Synergy)
  • xZimax. (ME _ Some)
  • HOW @ xAimBot (AKO _ Osome)
  • S9A. xNewb (Sem9)
  • S9A. xShuraa. (Sem9)
  • S9A. xZennOP (Sem9)
  • AKO.xMeymaa (AKOLADIES)
  • Geek. Apiz (Geek Fam)
  • Geek. Shoyu (Geek Fam)
  • Geek. Raine (Geek Fam)
  • Geek. Haziq (Geek Fam)
  • brothers. x4MOYY ‘ (BOROCIALGEGIRL)
  • BLCK _ JeBatt.

Among the players that were caught red handed, caster “AddMaths” was also involved in this messy situation.

And of the names on the list, some players were already participating in the MCP Major Season 2 as an invited team which were SEM9 and GeekFam.

Decisions Decisions Decisions

Garena’s decision to answer unsportsmanlike behaviour that could’ve costed the entire tournament; Present all players and hands involved in the smurfing activity with a ban of 1 year(s) from any professional Garena Free Fire Tournaments.

This also meant that any team that were invited from previous season were automatically disqualified. Soon after that, statements were followed by teams including GeekFam, AutoKnockout, SEM9 and Tommy Chieng, Founder of SEM9.

The Show Must Go On

However, Garena could not call it quits so soon to their League Stage event of the Majors, their resolution was a natural one.

Garena filled in the missing spots in the invited list with the 7th and 8th place teams from the 1st Season which included WEWS and Almighty. Incidents as such are just bound to happen in any tournament setting, it is to no surprise that this time it happened so close to home.

In the end, Garena made the right call catching on early and resolving in such manner.



What did you guys think about what happened this week?

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