Games are the best Stress Relievers. And Heres Why

by Patrick Mark
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POV: My dad vs me

20 years ago, if you were to tell your parents that playing games can help to release stress, you will get the slipper to the face and be told that there is no such nonsense. Over the years, we have seen gaming grow as a whole from what it used to be known as entertainment, to now a coping mechanism for stress and even venture paths into a life time profession.

Today, or should I say thanks to Covid-19, many people around the world appreciated gaming and many started picking up their first console or game in their life during this period. Throughout that only 1 beautiful thing happened, they couldn’t go back.

Game keeps you company

Playing games alone is an undiscovered peace

Sure, going out with friends is fun and keeps your confidence in check. But when you can’t meet them physically, you almost feel lonely. Watching movies are entertaining too, but when the cinema’s closed, it’s almost impossible for you to sit through an entire film without scrolling through Facebook half the time. Games keep you constantly engaged and immerse in a different world that you once wished your life to be. Whether it is sitting in your bedroom while building your 5-star island on Animal Crossing, or going for one more Rathalos so that it finally drops a gem in Monster Hunter. The typical phrase that most gamers use before they end their night “one more game” brought so many precious memories to our lives.

Games are the gateway to friendship

Gamer friends are golden

Before, gamers are often discriminated as lonely and weird people or if you play games it is equivalent to having no friends. The case is not true when you have tons of games you can play with other people online. Fortnite, League of Legends, Dota 2 , Counter Strike to name a few. These are the games where I get to meet new people and some became permanent to my life. Not only do we share the similar interest in games but we got to know each other better on a personal level. The bond that you form with other friends while playing games is incomparable to those elsewhere.

Games helps you maintain focus

My Retirement Plan

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, games can make you help have the focus of those who have 200 IQ. While not only is the statement overly dramatic, the effect is much subtler that you might have thought. Games are designed to keep you immersed the entire time you’re playing which actively works your brain compared to watching a movie where it has majority passive effects on your brain while consuming information. Some games even teach us to remain focused on the objective, where the outcome of the experience will be a rewarding and a satisfying one.

Satisfaction is the biggest reward

Me after finally slaying a boar in Monster Hunter

You can never talk about gaming without mentioning its satisfaction factor, even casual games offer satisfaction to its players when an objective has been accomplished. To simply put, it can even be a mother completing a tough level on candy crush ( yes that is still categorised as a game. For seasoned gamers, whether it is finally defeating one of the hardest bosses in Elden Ring Malenia, who have us almost at the brink of tossing our controllers out the window, to making a comeback while being at a score deficit in Fifa and even Dota 2 has got more players feeling on cloud nine because of the sheer satisfaction.

Games are a great tool for us to release Emotions

Me playing for 10 hours after studying for 1 hour

Humans get stressed all the time, and that is totally normal. But when it comes to winding down our emotions, we become rather selective to what we are comfortable with. Now we at SEAGM do not promote toxicity in game, so just because you had a rough day at work, it doesn’t give you the right to flame your teammates in game, it’s not cool. Once in a while it happens,  we often let our emotions get the best of us and we just like to let those emotions out when we’re playing games.

*Insert Popular karaoke outlet here*

Singing is also a form of releasing stress, where people would book rooms in a Karaoke to jam it out with their friends  but what if i told you that doing it virtually is just as fun!

During the lockdown I always found myself having virtual karaoke sessions with my friends over WeSing. Sometimes we also need some activities outside games to help release emotions and bond together.

WeSing has over 6 million songs and 100 million users around the world.

WeSing has over 6 million songs and 100 million users around the world. You can choose to solo privately, or duet with friends even celebrities, or join karaoke party room. The large selection of voice effects and various video filters can also help your karaoke recordings stand out and win more likes.

I’m pretty sure everyone’s favorite karaoke song now is Glimpse Of Us by Joji. Whenever this song starts playing, I will be the first one to grab the microphone. Alongside Lewis Capaldi and Ed Sheeran, these artists just make me want to pour out my soul. With that said, what is the song that keeps humming in your head right now? 😉

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