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by Sammy Chan
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Looking for something free to sink your time in this holiday season? This game will keep you company for sure. For the next couple of days, you can get Company of Heroes 2 free from the Humble Store. Once redeemed, it is yours to keep forever.

What is Company of Heroes 2?

They say it’s impossible to win a war on your own– but what if you can? Do you ever wonder how your strategies would’ve worked in the war? Well, you can test them out in the Company of Heroes 2. Build your own army, strategize and fight in the infamous World War II. Developed by Relic and released in 2013, this RTS game is still successful despite its age. According to SteamChart, the peak concurrent player count was more than 9100 today with its highest peak at 20, 747.
It is considered one of the best video game depictions of World War II and will definitely get you engross easily. With voiced officers yelling at commands at you as you push forward, you’ll feel like you’re really fighting in the war. Take on the campaign as a Soviet commander of the Red Army head on and smash your way to Berlin.


Mostly Positive (22, 732) – Steam
This game has a lot of DLC and fans aren’t a fan of that hence why most would say the first game was better. Despite the microtransaction and abundance of DLC, it’s still a pretty fun game to get in a quick fix for RTS. It also has online multiplayer feature if you’re looking to go head on with a friend. At any rate, it’s free and it doesn’t cost you a dime to try. Also, if you have played the base game, the Company of Heroes 2: Master Collection is currently on sales in the Humble Store for only $10! This offer ends December 18.

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