Fortnite tutors being hired by parents to coach their children

by Sammy Chan
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With eSports’ exponential growth over the past years, it’s not just the youths that has been taking notice of the growth but parents as well. In a recent article by Wall Street Journal, it was reported that parents are hiring coaches to teach their children how to play Fortnite.

Go Big Or Go Home!

Of course, being the biggest mulitplayer online game out there, Fortnite is attracting a lot of attention in eSports. Just in 2017, eSports made $696 milion and it’s only going to continue to grow from there. While eSports is definitely not seen as a traditional sport by any means, that doesn’t mean it’s not a going to be a great investment for the future.
It’s one thing to play the game but another to be great at it. Of course, the more hours you put into the game, your game sense will naturally improve. However, that’s not going to be enough to let go pro. Now, parents want to make the best of every hour their children spend on Fortnite.
The real question now is… are we taking this a few steps too far? I mean, we hire coaches to teach children how to play sports such as tennis, football, etc. Is hiring coaches to teach your children how to play video games any different?
Well, when you word it like that, of course it sounds bad. The coaches charge up to $50 an hour for online lessons and most of these coaches are freelancers. If you think about it this way, the growth of the industry has not only created jobs for pro-players but for the coaches as well.

Esports Future

It is normal to be worried about the direction of change this young generation is headed toward. Especially with the abundance of bad publicity revolving around the severe addictions of a small group of players. Some parents are afraid to let their children touch the game and then we have parents who hire coaches for their kids.
How these parents wish to raise their kids is none of our business but know that most of them have their children’s best wishes in mind. Euan Robertson, a father who hired a coach for his sons, said:

“I want them to excel at what they enjoy,”

and sometimes, they do will do it to grow closer and understand their children. Ally Hicks, said:

“There’s pressure not to just play it but to be really good at it,”
“You can imagine what that was like for him at school.”

Just like how the biggest kid on the field gets attention from his classmates, being good at video games will gain you more friends in school. Some would argue that this world is devolving and others beg to differ. But one thing is for sure. The world will change, whether we want it or not.

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