Fortnite Celebrates 7 Million Players With New Updates

by Sammy Chan
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Duos and supply drop is here for Fortnite Battle Royale!

Fortnite Battle Royale new updates dropped earlier today as the game celebrates reaching a big milestone. According to Fortnite’s tweet, over 7 million players have had a go at its free-to-play PVP mode. Its available on almost every platform including Windows PC, Mac OS, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Hence it’s no surprise that the game is racking in huge numbers only one week after its release.  To mark the occasion, Fortnite Battle Royale got a few new updates that many players have been waiting for.

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You can now team up with a partner in Battle Royale with Duos going live in most region. The Oceania server, however, won’t be receiving this update due to the limited player population. If the population increases, Epic Games might look into bringing it over.

Supply Drops

This was a previous feature that was removed but is being added back in after some issues got fixed. They’re most likely to contain rare weapons and items that will help you out in a pinch. Check the skies to see when one is dropping. But, you can be sure that other players will notice it as well, so be wary when approaching one!

Weapon Accuracy

Epic Games also went on to point out several issues regarding the accuracy of weapons in Battle Royale. For starters, almost all the weapons are hitscan with the exception of Sniper Rifles. This means that when a weapon fires, the bullet will connect instantaneously. That resulted in Pistols being able to kill people at the same range as a Rifle rendering the weapons characteristic-less. Subsequently, camping became a go-to play style since crossing open fields became super risky.
This is their approaches moving forward:

  • Some weapons don’t quite live up to their expectations. The biggest culprits are the Assault Rifles and the SMGs which were recently adjusted. We’ll continue to evaluate and there may be more incremental improvements, not a radical adjustment.
  • It can be unclear what improves accuracy. Standing still, crouching, and aiming (instead of hip-firing) all have some form of impact on accuracy. We’ll look into ways to improve usability on the reticle, including improved readability of your accuracy cone.
  • We’ll be running prototypes using more recoil and reducing accuracy penalties. The idea behind this is that the first shot will have higher accuracy (but again, not perfect) and then subsequent shots will require slightly more skill. These will be incremental adjustments until we find the sweet spot.
  • Lastly, enabling projectiles for all weapons (not just the Sniper Rifle) is something we’d like to explore. Doing this would allow for tighter accuracy overall. We’ve run prototypes internally and it shows promise, but there are challenges preventing us from turning it on. Once those are sorted out, we’ll consider running a broader test.

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