Forgotton Anne Is Almost Here

by Sammy Chan
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Forgotten Anne is a beautifully crafted 2D cinematic platforming adventure game developed by Throughline Games. The game, which was announced late-2016, has been officially confirmed to release on May 15, 2018, via publisher Square Enix’s blog. The project is part of Square Enix Collective, a platform dedicated to supporting brilliant ideas of indie developers.

What does it mean to be ForgottOn?

You play as the protagonist Anne, who is the right-hand woman of Bunko and an Enforcer in the Forgotten Lands. Together, the duo tries to create a tower to return to the human world. You’re thrown into an intense journey that will exercise your platforming and puzzle-solving skills to return home. With gorgeous art-styles, fantastic voice acting and a superb soundtrack, players will experience a cinematic, emotional, heartstring-tugging journey.
It was given a release window of 2017, however, was unfortunately delayed.

A Beautiful, Cinematic Tale

The world of the forgotten is beautiful and enthralling. There are a variety of characters you will interact with and different situational outcomes based on how you interact. Despite the dark and rather gloomy setting, the power of the luminous Anima lurks throughout the world, giving the atmosphere a vibrant glow. The art-style is heavily influenced by Studio Ghibli, which will give most players a much welcome warm feeling. The developer has also said that they’ve taken notes from Western media such as Pan’s Labyrinth.
The Forgotten Lands feature several beautiful settings for players to explore. The power of the Anima that resides in the realm further gives these brilliantly drawn settings a radiant touch. There will also be a myriad of ‘Forgotlings’ for players to interact with, drawn with simplistic but adorable charm.

What Will Reside in your Memory

The developers’ objective of the game is to provide players with a seamless, immersive cinematic experience. To do so, overwhelming amounts of hand-drawn sprites were crafted to give Anne a life-like moveset. Anne is a character meant for players to relate to, thus she is athletic but not godlike in terms of physical capabilities. Her jumps are heavy and realistic, and you’ll need to sprint beforehand if you hope to cross a large gap. Various actions such as turning and crouching have additional sprites, allowing for more fluid and realistic movement.
To further add to the seamless and immersive experience, there will be no ‘game overs’ in the game. In addition to that, Anne will be given different options on how to interact with others. Her choice of dialogue will have an impact on the story and alter the tone and outcomes of the various situations.
Another highlight of the game is the soundtrack. Forgotton Anne has not only spiked the interest of the Collectives, but also of world renown orchestras. For the first time ever, The Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra is providing a soundtrack for a video game. That alone, speaks wondrous volumes about the game and the expectations you can place on it.

Don’t Forget!

Forgotton Anne is a project in collaboration with Square Enix Collective, which supports indie concepts that are appraised by the public. Some of their previous publications include Tokyo Dark and Black The Fall. Not only are Throughline Games providing us a very charming and beautiful title, but they have followed through on their promise for beauty and excellence. The amount of perseverance, dedication, and love put into this title can be seen in their developer blog.

In the saturated market of Battle Royale Multiplayer and Hack-and-Slash frenzies, it is such a lovely relief to be blessed with such a gem. Forgotton Anne releases on PlayStation 4, XBox One and Steam this May 15.

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