Regarding FIFA Coins Delivery and Refunds




Dear valued customers,

We sincerely apologize for the long wait everyone has gone through for FIFA Coins order delivery.

Without EA webapp transfer market, we could only buy your player via console for PS and XBOX FIFA Coins orders. That slows down the delivery of FIFA Coins orders tremendously.

Hence, you may request refund for undelivered orders if you do not wish to wait anymore via email helper[at]seagm[dot]com.

Please use the email you used to register SEAGM member account for the refund request. We will proces your refund within 24 hours during working days.

For those who can wait, rest assured we will deliver your order. Give us some time as we have more than 5000 orders to go.  Thank you for your understanding.


Those who are willing to wait and player expired, please list a new player. Next, login to your SEAGM account and go to to enter player info of the new player according to the format below:

  • Start Price:
  • Buy Now Price:
  • Remaining Transfer Duration on Transfer Market:
  • Player Name:
  • Player Position:
  • Player Overall Rating:
  • Ultimate Team Name (Seller) :
  • Player Nationality:
  • Contracts:
  • Fitness:




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