FFXIV: The Royal City of Rabanastre Text Guide

by Sammy Chan
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Taking on The Royal City of Rabanastre with markers!

As long as you remember to go to your alliance’s sector, this fight is easy-peasy. Let’s jump right into The Royal City of Rabanastre text guide! In this raid, we’ll be dealing with Mateus, Hashmal, Rofocale and Argath Thadalfus. Before each fight, make sure to place down markers. In this guide, we’ll break the boss down by fight sequence and skills breakdown with the exception of Mateus and Argath.

Mateus, the Corrupt

Out of all the bosses, Mateus’ fight felt like the messiest one with so many things happening at once on the screen. However, as long as you stick to your sector, take down adds and pop water orbs you’ll be fine. Place down markers in North, East, and West then assign an alliance to it.

Fight Sequence

Once the main tank pulls the boss, everyone should focus on taking out the Ice Azers. They don’t hurt so they don’t require special tank attention but they do detonate and leave aoe behind so watch out.

Unbind > White Whisper

  • Move to your sector immediately when Mateus cast Unbind.
  • Take out Aqua Sphere of your sector immediately.
  • Stay off the spiral track and avoid getting hit by skating Elsa if you have the Drenched debuff. Getting hit applies Deep Freeze debuff that’ll most likely kill you.
  • Collect blue orbs floating around the track and make sure Elsa don’t skate through them. Will spawn Ice Slaves if that happens.
  • Collecting blue orbs will give player Drowning debuff, reset by walking into water pillars.
  • Water pillars will turn into Blizzard III pillars once Elsa skates through them. If three players stand in them, they will disappear.
    (Thanks /u/bjjgrrl, /u/ExKage, /u/bounddreamer!)
  • Take out Blizzard III pillar in your sector immediately or tethered players will turn into Snowman once White Whisper cast completes.

If you didn’t collect the orbs, take out Aqua Sphere and Blizzard III pillars – it’s a wipe since there won’t be a safe spot to stack.

Rebind > Dualcast + Blizzard III + Blizzard IV

  • Look for the safe spot and run to it immediately.
  • Healers prepare for mitigation.

Suffocation Stage

  • Kill Flume Toads.
  • Keep an eye on your Breathless stack, once it reaches 10 stacks you’re dead.
  • Resets Breathless stack by walking into then out of air pockets left behind by Flume Toads.
  • Keep line telegraph away from air pockets to avoid popping them.

The arena should return to normal now. Prepare for Mateus’ ultimate.

  • Avoid ice orbs if tethered and avoid the narrow cone aoe it fires at you.
  • Go to your sector and prepare for Azure Guards, take them down immediately.
  • Avoid Ice Azer aoes just like before.
  • Spread the Azure Guards apart or they will tether to each other.
  • Kill Azure Guards before Mateus Aether bars fill up or its a wipe.

From this point on Mateus will repeat the mechanics so just keep at it until you take them down. During the second Unbind phase, if dps is low, ice puddles will drop from players (I’ve personally never encountered this). In the next area, take out all the trash mobs. After the Black Chocobo group is taken down, Choco Meteor will land in the middle of the room. Run away from the middle to avoid dying to proximity damage. Take out the last group of mobs, the mimics, and move on to the next area.

Hashmal, Bringer of Order

As usual, place down markers before the fight but instead of North, you want to place a marker South for the middle group. Sticking to your sector is really important in this fight. Mistakes are more punishing and one alliance messing up means death for everyone.

Skills breakdown

Quake IV – Raid-wide damage
Jagged Edge – Red circles on the floor that will follow a random player, kite and avoid.
Falling Rocks – AOE markers.
Rock Cutter – Tankbuster.
Extreme Edge – Dive across the arena to burn one side of it.
Earth Hammer – Hammer in mid-air, drops to deal proximity damage.
Control Tower – Topples and fall, smashing people to death if under.
Command Tower – Big tower in the middle elevating Hashmal, avoid aoe.
Submission Tower – Drop towers in a Y-shaped pattern that leaves behind blue flames. Passing through will cause a player to Bleed.
Landwaster – Ultimate. If Mana bar is full, it’s a wipe.
Summon – Summon two golem and repeatedly cast Demolish.
Demolish – Spam by golems and each cast empowers them.
To dust – Sandsphere raid-wide damage.

Fight Sequence

  • Starts fight with Quake IV and Jagged Edge.
  • A Control Tower will come up right after, get behind it for safety.
  • Hashmal will jump away and cast Extreme Edge once the tower falls.
  • The safe zone is either North or South, determine by the hand that isn’t on fire. (Fire hand = bad side, Non-fire hand = good side)
  • Hashmall will cast Quake IV followed by Earth Hammer, move away from the hammer.
  • The tank will get hit by Rock Cutter then he will summon Command Tower.
  • Move to your sector while avoiding conal aoe, aoe marker and Jagged Edge.
  • Take out Sand Sphere immediately before To Dust completes when it spawns and don’t forget to stack.
  • Destroy Command Tower before his Mana bar fills up.
  • Healers prepare for mitigation from Landwaster.
  • Hashmal will summon a pair of Control Tower twice, Jagged Edge will appear, adjust accordingly.
  • Extreme Edge is up, look for safe zone while dodging Jagged Edge.
  • He will now cast Quake IV twice followed by Rock Cutter.
  • Two Earth Hammer will be summoned, move away.
  • Hashmal will now Summon two Golem, the Off-tanks should grab one each.
  • Don’t forget to heal the Main Tank! Rock Cutter will happen at the same time.
  • Take down the Golems immediately, each Demolish will make the Golem bigger and stronger. You can choose to use caster Limit Break here.
  • After casting one more Quake IV he will move to the middle of the arena to cast Submission Tower.
  • Move to your sector before cast finish!
  • Take out Sand Sphere before To Dust cast completes while stacking together.
  • Once the spheres are down, Extreme Edge + Falling Rocks (AOE markers) will happen next.
  • Look for a safe spot while avoiding aoe markers! If you have a marker, once you move to the safe zone just stop moving so people can adjust.

From this point on you’ve seen all his skills. He usually jumps away from Control Tower to cast Extreme Edge so be aware of that. Take him down fast or you’ll have to deal with the Golems again.


It’s funny how this boss gave my alliance more trouble than the final boss did. Place markers at North, East, and West for this fight.

Skills breakdown

Crush Helm – Applies 4 stack of physical damage vulnerability onto the tank.
Chariot -Targets a player and charge forward, dealing damage to anyone in its path.
Cry of Victory – A half-moon cleave.
Crush weapon – Aoe damage from the floor, can avoid by moving out
Trample – Tramples in a figure 8 pattern. Getting hit will put a reduce damage debuff on players.
Note: Trample works differently than usual AoEs. It’s not the flash of damage that will hit you but rather Rofocale trampling over you. So be sure to stay out of his way or else you’ll get debuffed and knock backward. (Thanks /u/S-r-ex!)

Maverick – Summon chariots to charge across the arena.
Heavenly Subjugation – Ultimate. It’s a wipe if Aetherial Acceleration reaches 100.
Pomp and Circumstances – Proximity damage from under the boss.
Embrace – Blue aoe on the floor that will bind players on contact.
Dark Geas – Turns the arena pitch black.

Fight Sequence

Phase 1:

  • Rofocale will start the fight by debuffing the Main Tank with Crush Helm. You can Esuna this at 4 stacks or the tank can just use a defensive skill.
  • The player who gets targeted by Chariot, move close to the boss.
  • He will now follow up with Cry of Victory, get behind him to dodge it.
  • Crush Weapon will leave aoe circles on the floor, avoid.
  • When he starts casting Trample, the safe zone is directly in front of or behind him.
  • Rofocale now jumps away and spawn multiple version of himself.
  • The safe zone is next to the first and the last Rofocale that spawns. Stay in the safe zone and avoid Maverick.

Once his hp reaches 56%, Rofocale will begin transitioning into the next phase.

  • Go to your sector immediately once he moves to the middle.
  • Stand inside your sector’s cage and kill the Archaeodemon quickly.
  • Rofocale will charge around the arena, avoid by standing in the inner area of the cage.
  • Tanks should bait out the conal aoe to face it away from the middle of the room.
  • If you have to avoid aoe, you can move around the Archaeodemon just make sure to dodge Rofocale when he comes around.
  • After taking the Archaeodemons down, stack together and healers need to prepare mitigation for Heavenly Subjugation.

Phase 2:

  • Beware of the blue aoe on the floor when he cast Embrace, going into it will bind you, so, avoid it.
  • Chariot + Cry of War
  • Trample
  • Chariot + Cry of War
  • Pomp and Circumstances is next, run away from the point of impact to reduce proximity damage.
  • Embrace + Crush weapon + Double line aoe in the middle of the arena
  • The Embraces will be lined up along the side, so dodge the line aoe by moving up or down the middle.
  • Crush Helm
  • Embrace + Pomp and Circumstsances
  • Rofocale will turn the room pitch black with Dark Geas. Interact with Dark Circles on the floor to reveal charging chariots.
  • Maverick
  • Crush helm
  • Embrace  + Line aoes+ Chariot + Cry of Victory
  • Line Aoes + Embraces
  • Trample > Cry of Victory
  • Crush Weapon + Dark Geas
  • Maverick

From here on you’ve seen all his combinations, keep going until you take him down then move on to the final boss.

Argath Thadalfus

Argath is the final boss you will encounter in The Royal City of Rabanastre. This fight is pretty simple as long as you pay attention. No sectoring or markers are required for this fight. As long as you understand what each mechanic does, you can take him down easily.

Skills breakdown

Crippling Blow – TTankbuster
Crush Weapon – Same
Soulfix – Point blank aoe. Getting hit results in Unnerved debuff.
Unnerved – A stacking debuff. 3 stack turns player into a chicken.
Fire IV – Raid wide damage
Embrace – Blue aoe on the floor that binds player, can be Esuna-ed. (Thanks /u/deetari!)
Voice of the Gods – Argath will either lie or tell the truth.

Angel mask = Obey the icon on your head.

Demon mask = Disobey the icon on your head.

Divine Commandment – Player will get either a Don’t Look or Scatter* icon over their head.
*Scatter: Move or Stay Still depending on your mask.
Unrelenting – Multiple cone-shaped aoes in front of Argath.
Judgement Blade – Summons square aoes around the arena and place sword markers on two players. Drop markers on outer corners.
Coldblood – Argath will jump back down onto the arena dealing proximity damage.
Royal Blood – Summons tethered Shade to players. Run away to spread them out to make sure the Shades don’t tether to each other. Kill Shades quickly.
Emptiness – Take out the Shards of Emptiness around the arena quickly or risk a wipe to his ultimate.
Gnawing Dread – Finger-pointer roulette. Pointer will stop when you move, stop and it will spin again. Navigate to avoid aoe and the second Coldblood.
Trepidation – Summons slow-dropping meteor around the arena. Stand inside the circle to reduce raid-wide damage.
Important note: After his Ultimate transitional phase the edge of the arena will be covered with purple goop that you want to avoid running into. Touching it will turn you into a zombie. Eventually you’ll die after hitting your ally a few times. Another way to get sent running towards the edge is if you mess up the mechanics too many times. Each mistakes grants you one Unnerved stack and at three stacks you will turn into a chicken that goes running for the edge.
For the most part, the fight against Argath revolves around doing the Voice of the Gods correctly and learning how to navigate Gnawing Dead. Pay close attention to what he’s casting and react accordingly.
Hopefully, this Royal City of Rabanastre text guide will be of help to players still trying to get their clear before resets! And as always, remember to focus target and good luck! Looking for ways to earn gil with the housing patch? Check out our guide here!

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