FFIXV: Rathalos Extreme Text Guide And Tips (Pictures Included)

by Sammy Chan
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Ratholos lost his way and somehow ended up in Eorzea. He definitely lost his way because the fight is definitely nothing like what we’ve seen in current content. Nothing is telegraphed and there’s no sequence of attacks that we can memorize. But fear not, Ratholos has a set number of moves and once you know how to dodge them, it will be easier to clear the fight. The fight is broken down into two phases, just like any regular trial. The first phase is nothing too difficult and nobody should be getting KO’ed here as long as your healer keeps up with heals. Here’s a list of his attacks.

Phase One

Roar – Ratholos will always start the fight off with a Roar.

Tell –  Head raise. No flames in mouth.
Attack type – Party wide AoE.
To avoid – N/A

Rush – This attack mostly catches ranged players off-guard.

Tell – Faces you and roars. Similar to Roar but faster.
Attack Type – Charge and knockback. Hits hard
To avoid – Don’t be in front of him. He will select specific players and target their last spot. Pretend it’s a bait-able frontal line AoE (just not telegraphed).

Firebreath – Inflicts burn that will need to be Esuna-ed.

Tell – Looks up with a fiery mouth. AoE will appear on targeted player.
Attack Type – Targeted. Small AoE around targetted player.
To avoid – Don’t stack with targeted player. Esuna burn after cast.

Tail Swing – For melees to worry about.

Tell – His tail and head will curl to the same side.
Attack type – Melee range knockback. Only hits one side at a time.
To avoid – If in melee range and you see his head turning to look at you, run deep into his hit box. Or you can run out of max melee range and then back in again.
If you see this, you’re safe:

If you see this, you better be moving to dodge:

Flaming Recoil – Hard to avoid. Not telegraphed and will catch more people off guard.

Tell – Will turn to stare at the targeted player for a moment. The easiest way to know this is coming is to understand that Ratholos will never stop attacking. So if you see him pausing, he’s really not. He’s about to do this.
Attack type – Frontal AoE cleave. Knockback and burns that need to be Esuna-ed.
To avoid – Don’t be in front of him.

Mangle + Tail Smash – Flanks are your friends.

Tell – Mouth flames up.
Attack type – Front and back cleave.
To avoid – Be on the flanks if melee.

Add Phase

At 69% HP, Ratholos will summon adds consisting of Coeurls, Sheep, and Yamaa.
Sheep – small AoE that inflicts sleep debuff.
Coeurl – large conal AoE that will inflict paralysis debuff.
Yamaa – linear AoE that damages.
When the adds come out, have your tank take aggro and then tank them NEAR Ratholos. Get up and personal but make sure to pay attention to what Ratholos is doing. This is because Ratholos’s attacks will also hit the adds. If you get targetted by Firebreath, run on top of the clump of adds to hit them with it. Like so:

Transition: Mounting Ratholos

One player will need to be designated to interact with the Foothold and mount Ratholos. There the player will have to mash their buttons to do the Active Time Maneuver. This player will constantly be receiving damage until Garula dies so they will need to be healed through.
At the same time, Garula will need to be tanked FACING AWAY from the party. He will do multiple tankbusters that do a frontal conal cleave so you’ll need pop some heavy cooldowns if you’re the tank. So the roles are:
Tank – Tank Garula and eat cleave busters.
Healer – Healer the tank AND the mounted player.
DPS/Tank – Mount Ratholos and mash buttons.
DPS/Tank – DPS hard to kill Garula as fast as possible.
After Garula dies, you need to get behind its dead body because Ratholos is going to incinerate the whole arena. It’s an instant death if you fail this.

Phase Two

Ideally, at the beginning of Phase two. You’ll want to have zero KO’s and 10 Mega Potions on each player. But we all know emergencies happen so it’s not the end of the world if you start off on the wrong foot. You’ll just need to be extra careful.
Remember, just like in Normal Mode. You can’t heal in here so healers, don’t bother with casting any. Your only source of healing will be your 10 mega potions so you have limited number of times to mess up. Dodging is your ally here. Just like in Phase One, Ratholos will have a set list of attacks he’ll do in random orders and these will hurt more so dodge them as best as you can. All his attacks come with a four-second Stun. If either a healer or DPS gets hit, they lose 90% of their HP. The poison/burn will need to be cleansed ASAP or there’s a chance they might burn to death while stunned. If Ratholos targets them with another attack, it’s a KO.
Down Gauge: While flying, Ratholos will take significantly less damage. Don’t worry, it won’t take you forever to kill it. The Down Gauge gains a point every time a player attacks. This includes DoT ticks so healers, don’t forget to put them on. The first time, you’ll get to hit his tail to deal massive damage and consecutive times will just be a DPS window.

Ratholos only has a few attacks in this phase compared to before but they will need to be handled with more care.

Bite – Don’t be in front of him.

Tell – His mouth flames up and he flies towards you.
Attack type – Knockback, burn, stun (But can’t be sure because no one gets hit by this. Do let me know if you have, I’ll give you a cookie and my condolences)
To avoid – Don’t be in front of him.

Rush – Don’t be in front of him.

Tell – He flies up a little and then dives at you.
Attack type – Knockback, poison, stun.
To avoid – Don’t be in front of him.

Sweeping Flames – Don’t be in front of him.

Tell – He turns to you.
Attack type – Knockback, burn and stun.
To avoid – I wonder wha- DON’T BE IN FRONT OF HIM.

Fireball – Teamwork makes the dream work.

Tell – There’s a giant stack marker on top of you.
Attack type – Drops lingering puddle. Small AoE around player. Stack marker.
To avoid – TANKS can pop a cooldown or two and take this stack alone. Everyone else will need to stack with at least one other person to share the damage. Remember to use your mega potions.
Tip – Drop the puddles around the sides of the arena so as to minimize hindrance when dodging. Run IMMEDIATELY after the 3rd puddle drops because Ratholos will do a Rush.

Bonus Tips:

  • SCH can cast Adlo on their fairies and deploy working shields in the 2nd half.
  • You can look at the player next to the boss’s HP to see who Ratholos is targetting next.
  • WAR can use Shake It Off to help mitigate some damage from the stacks.
  • Because you can use mega potions to heal to full HP, you don’t technically need a healer. You just need to know how to dodge.
  • Save your bursty DPS cooldowns/OGCDs for when Ratholos is downed.
  • Don’t be in front of him.


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