Far Cry 5 says welcome to Montana (Update)

by Sammy Chan
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Ubisoft released a teaser for their new and upcoming instalment to the Far Cry franchise and it seems that we’re heading North to the fictional world of Hope County, Montana.

An artwork of the game showcasing the villain and his followers was tweeted by Ubisoft today and it seems to be a depiction of Da Vinci’s famous painting – The Last Supper and it’s safe to assume that it’s our job as the player to make sure this is indeed their last supper.
Let’s talk about the trailer. Prior to the release of the full trailer, it was initially separated into three parts. It starts out with quite a view of the fictional Hope County’s moutaintop then you hear a blood-curling scream resonating through out the forest, the birds get spooked and flutters away.

In the next scene, another fantastic view of a river followed by a floating body flowing along to the currents of the river. It looks like a woman in a white dress.

A man runs through a farmland, getting gunned down by a revolver (based on how it sounded). Once again, breath taking view with the underlying tone of darkness.

This one’s the nail in the coffin if you’re still wondering what the theme is for this instalment. We see a lone church out in the middle of nowhere, “Amazing Grace” choir is heard in the background accompanied the sound of bell and as we get closer we see a man getting his head hit repetitively against the bell to make it ring. The trailers follows a single tone of setting a perfect, idllyic scene with an underlying darkness and it seems like we’ll be possibly be dealing with a religious cult.

In the debut trailer, it is revealed that we are indeed dealing with a cult-militia where the leader of the cult, Joseph, will server as the antagonist for this game as he lead his group of militia believing that the people in Hope County needs to be protected and saved from the collapse. The cult is known as Eden’s Gate and he will save them whether they like it or not. As the video progress we see murders committed in the name of the 7 Deadly Sins.  Also, dogs. Different type of dogs were seen in the video and could possibly get to collect doggies that adds various perks to the main character.
The game is set to release next year on the 27th of February.

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