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While it was a long wait, Tower of Fantasy fans may now rejoice with their latest major update that in which introduces a new area of the map, Vera The Lost Region. A vast desert that many players will spend their time wandering around and eventually entering its cyberpunk capital , Mirroria.

We’ve all seen the screenshots of both Vera and Mirroria and were flabbergasted by the beautiful landscapes of the sandy dunes that transitions drastically to a futuristic and colorful city.

Greyspace Fissures, mysterious portals to seemingly related yet distinct worlds, are accessible to players above level 74 once they have explored 40% of Vera’s territory.

In addition, there are what are known as Greyspace Entities, who are strong adversaries like Abyssants.

These are the global bosses, like the metal moose-like Rudolph and Magma, who can summon lightning and is a giant, scaled killing machine with abilities in the wind and sand.

Devourer, a different boss, is a puppet singer with a classic yet cutting-edge Japanese design. This boss fights with launch dash attacks and releases wind blades.

Along with the update, three new playable characters—Ruby, Lin, and Saki Fuwa—will be added to the roster.

Ruby is a “adorable burning bunny girl” who wields flame power, and whose main objective appears to be aiding Lin. This is because Ruby is in Lin’s custody “as a result of specific arrangements.”

Spark Attack, Aerial Discharge, Lockdown Zone, Blazing Dive, and Gotcha are some of her standard attacks. She is proficient at Super Nova and Sparkling Collider. Sparky, an SSR weapon, is her go-to weapon.

A bunch of rewards await players for the 2.0 Update, both new and old, players are able to claim goodies everyday just via log in.

New Players

If this is your first time playing ToF, you are able to enjoy the following rewards for the first 180 days;

  • Gold Nucleus x10
  • Dark Crystal x500
  • Leader of Astra
  • Aida Trailblazer
  • Avatar (Cute)
  • Orion
  • Star Sand

Returning Players

Returning players don’t get discouraged, you will also be able to claim awesome goodies as well just by logging in and completing missions; 

Log in
  • Gold Nucleus x 5
  • Energy Crystal Dust (Orange) x 1200
  • Proof of Purchase x 5
Returner Missions 
  • Gold Nucleus x 4
  • Energy Crystal Dust (Orange) x 600
  • Proof of Purchase x4

And as for All Users, these rewards will be available from October 27 – November 9 in conjunction with the 2.0 update

  • Red Nucleus x 3
  • Energy Crystal Dust (Orange) x 1200
  • Mira x 500
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