Eudemons Online雙旦節慶好禮派送

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SEAGM 攜手Eudemons Online 團隊為廣大玩家帶來雙旦好禮!同時全新幻獸天威戰神牛魔王也將降臨亞特大陸幫助玩家們創造更多的傳奇。機不可失,快來參加雙旦慶典吧!  


玩家可打開禮包獲取3份赫提亞鑰匙(), 1份聖器經驗箱(), 1份赫提亞甄選箱 (), 聖誕背部裝飾(),聖誕武器幻魂(),等。


  1. 活動時間: 2022年12月21日 至 2023年1月21日
  2. 每個遊戲角色僅可領取一次禮包.
  3. 只有活動期間註冊登錄的玩家可以領取禮包.


第一步: 玩家需在相關註冊頁面註冊遊戲賬號。 (

第二步: 下載遊戲客戶端並登錄創建遊戲角色。

第三步: 打開熱門活動遊戲內嵌頁面並在禮包兌換頁使用code進行禮包兌換.

第四步: 從遊戲內郵件系統領取禮包

關於Eudemons Online

Eudemons Online是一個魔幻風格的FTP大型多人在線角色扮演遊戲。在這個魔幻的遊戲世界裡,您以選擇成為戰士,法師,異能者,血族,死靈法師,龍騎及精靈弓手等職業。 自運營伊始,Eudemons Online已成功吸引百萬級別玩家進入遊戲時間。同時還有超過百個幻獸供您選擇,您可以訓練這些幻獸使他們成為您在魔法世界冒險時的夥伴及堅強的後盾。


Eudemons Online Double Festival Gift-away!

SEAGM and Eudemons Online are inviting all our heroes to redeem the limited time free gift pack during this Double Festival GIFT-away! With the new Eudemon – Mighty Lord Minotaur who is here to help and create more legends. Join us now to earn Minotaur coins and exchange gifts in this Double Festival GIFT-away! Terms and Conditions apply. 

Double Festival Gift Pack includes:

Heroes can open gift pack to get three (3) Hetia Keys (gift), one (1) Hallow Experience Chest (gift), one (1) Hetia Selection Box (gift), Christmas Theme Background (gift), Christmas Weapon Phantom (gift), and more!

Event Terms and Conditions:

  1. Event time: 21st December 2022 – 21st January 2023
  2. Each hero can only receive one (1) free gift pack.
  3. Free gift pack is applicable to new players who have successfully registered during the event duration.
  4. SEAGM and Eudemons Online assumes no liability for the loss, theft, or illegibility of items obtained from this event.
  5. SEAGM and Eudemons Online reserves the right to make further changes to the terms without prior notice.

How to Redeem Your Gift Pack?

Step 1: Sign up for free on Eudemons Online.

Step 2: Download the game and log in to create your game hero.

Step 3: Click “Hot Event” on the top right and use code on the package redemption page to redeem gift pack.

Step 4: Then you can get the gift pack through email.


About Eudemons Online

Eudemons Online is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG set in the mythic fantasy world of Cronus. Players pick from one of 7 classes: Warrior, Mage, Paladin, Vampire, Necromancer, Shadow Knight and Elf Ranger; allowing players access to a wealth of skills and unique Eudemons to help on their quest.

Mighty Lord Minotaur is online! Inheriting with the higher Attribute Scores of random Annual Eudemon and Spirit Eudemon, and more. Register now and stimulate his potential!

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