ESLMO 2021 Fall: Malaysia Playoffs Day 2 Recap

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This is our recap for ESL Mobile Open (ESLMO) 2021 Fall: Malaysia Playoffs Day 2. Another two sets of games were played. They were UndeRank vs Berjaya Dragons and SDGR EA EBLZ vs Geek Fam. Here’s the rundown of what happened.

Upper Bracket Match: UndeRank vs Berjaya Dragons

In the Upper Bracket, we had UndeRank versus Berjaya Dragons. Berjaya Dragons were placed first during the group stages. However, UndeRank was able to get a clean sweep against SDGR EA EBLZ yesterday, so fans were hoping for a close match today.

In an unexpected turn of events, Berjaya Dragons got a clean 3-0 against UndeRank. Berjaya Dragons were deadly and efficient in their movements throughout their games, giving UndeRank no opportunities for a comeback.

Ikut0, one of the shoutcasters, had commented: “Berjaya Dragons is the first to impress as a team. You don’t say just ‘Wow, Sagi is strong,’ or ‘Wow, Chilly is strong,’. You look at their team and you go ‘Wow, this team is strong.”

Sagi from Berjaya Dragons in an interview with shoutcasters, Ikut0 and SirCloud, ESL Malaysia Facebook

In the post-match interview, Sagi had talked about his matchup against UndeRank’s Coffee.

“UndeRank likes the hyper-carry style, right? So Senna is also a hyper-carry but still has a better early game matchup against Vayne and Tristana,” he said.

Ikut0 then inquired about the Nasus Support strategy. “In the first match, we saw Nasus Support. Nasus would take all the farm, but Senna doesn’t. Nasus would then support by reducing armor by 45%, with Spirit Fire, right? Was this a strategy that you copied from EBLZ? Or was it the other way around, did they copy this strategy from Berjaya Dragons?”

Sagi replied with a chuckle that it was actually neither.

“Let’s clarify this. This strategy wasn’t invented by EBLZ, nor by Berjaya Dragons. It was from a China team. If I’m not mistaken it was EDG. We saw them running this strategy and we thought it was quite strong. So in reality, we’re the ones who copied them.”

Lower Bracket Match: SDGR EA EBLZ vs Geek Fam

As SDGR EA EBLZ lost their previous match, they were dropped into the lower bracket against Geek Fam. We see a repeat of Day 1’s events as Geek Fam loses the first round, but then turns things around with three back-to-back wins.

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SirCloud, the second shoutcaster, talked about Geek Fam’s Momo. “Momo has shown outstanding performance in yesterday’s games. If given an opportunity at all, once get gets that gold lead, he’ll extend it. He’ll devour anyone on the opposing team.”2He continued to comment about Momo’s position in the team. “The team relies on Momo quite a lot. However, even if Momo goes down in a fight, it seems like Geek Fam will still have a backup plan.”

Coming up next

The final result of the matches pits UndeRank and Geek Fam against each other in the semi-finals. The winners of the semi-finals will then proceed to challenge Berjaya Dragons for the title of champions.

Also, as a result of Berjaya Dragons’ confirmed position in the grand finals, they’re guaranteed a shot at SEA Championship later this year. However, whether they get into play-ins or an invitation will depend on the outcome of their match.

You can catch all the matches happening live on ESL Malaysia’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

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