ESL Mobile Open 2021 Team Feature: Geek Fam

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Geek Fam managed to qualify for the ESL Mobile Open 2021 Fall: Malaysia Playoffs. The Wild Rift team’s journey has been a wild one so far. Let’s take a look at how they got to where they are now!

An Explosive Start

Announced in February earlier this year, Geek Fam Wild Rift had a promising future. Their roster featured local superstar, Poon Kok Sing, also known as OzoraVeki, as their Mid Laner. OzoraVeki had experience as a professional player in League of Legends and Mobile Legends, and many eyes were on him.

Another player of note was Rumpel, who had previously played Mobile Legends professionally before this. Rumpel, also known as Tai Ming Hong, was Geek Fam’s Jungler.

With Geek Fam Wild Rift packing this much heat, they beat Berjaya Dragons and secured first place at Southeast Asia Icon Series 2021: Preseason – Malaysia. During ESL Mobile Open 2021 Summer: Malaysia, Geek Fam and Berjaya Dragons clashed again in the grand finals. This time, however, Geek Fam placed second.

Stars No Longer Align for Geek Fam

With the success they had in the Summer Season, many fans were looking forward to the team’s steady growth. However, in ESL Mobile Open 2021 Fall: Malaysia, OzoraVeki was no longer on the team while Rumpel was inactive. 

In their place were HaKi and EGO, two players that showed up at Southeast Asia Icon Series 2021: Summer – Singapore as part of team Chicken Can Fly. Alongside Momo, Nyx, and TheShang, the new Geek Fam had a rocky start. Their performance during group stages was shaky, and with the previous superstars missing, things were looking bleak. Many fans even jokingly commented that it was “musim jatuh”, as the fall of many fan-favorite teams aligned with the Fall season.

Then, another roster change happened, and a new lineup premiered during Day 5 of group stages. EGO, the Support, was out. In his place was sixtynine, who was previously part of Linkx Esports. He and his team had appeared prior at ESL Mobile Open 2021 Summer: Malaysia.

Sixtynine was replacing NyX as the team’s new Jungler, while NyX would fill in the now empty Support role. The change was effective and the results showed. GeekFam’s overall performance was better, but it was a little too late. They placed sixth out of eight by the end of group stages.

One more shot at the Last Chance Qualifiers

The new lineup was performing well, and just in time for the Last Chance Qualifiers. The bottom four teams would be participating. These teams were Splatzone Insomniax, Assassin Academy, Silent Killer, and Geek Fam.

Geek Fam Secures Their Slot at the Last Chance Qualifiers, ESL Malaysia Facebook Page

As the four teams were placed into a Single Elimination Best-of-5, Geek Fam had a resounding victory over the rest of the teams. This meant that Geek Fam was still in the running, and will be the fifth team to enter the playoffs.

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The next chapter in ESL Mobile Open 2021

In the upcoming playoffs, Geek Fam will be facing SEM9 in the lower bracket. Despite the slow start during group stages, the dominant victory during the Last Chance Qualifiers tells a different tale for Geek Fam.

Make sure to catch the playoffs this week on the 27th to find out what happens next in Geek Fam’s tale! You can watch it live on ESL Malaysia’s Facebook or YouTube pages.

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