ESLMO 2021 Fall: Malaysia Playoffs Day 1 Recap

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Here is our recap for ESL Mobile Open (ESLMO) 2021 Fall: Malaysia Playoffs Day 1. The two sets of games played were UndeRank vs SDGR EA EBLZ and SEM9 vs Geek Fam. Here’s how the matches went down.

Upper Bracket Match: UndeRank vs SDGR EA EBLZ

In the Upper Bracket, we had UndeRank and SDGR EA EBLZ facing off against each other. Both teams had a fantastic run during group stages, winning six of their seven sets. However, SDGR EA EBLZ had exactly one more point than UndeRank in terms of the game score. With these two teams neck and neck with each other, viewers were expecting a close game.

Therefore it was unexpected for UndeRank to get a clean sweep of 3-0 against SDGR EA EBLZ during their matchup. UndeRank performed very consistently and was able to capitalize on all the opportunities that surfaced in their games.

The highlight of the set was in the first game, where neither team had picked a traditional marksman champion. Instead, UndeRank’s had Ziggs and Nami in the Dragon Lane. Meanwhile, on SDGR EA EBLZ’s team, they had Nasus and Soraka.

No Marksman Champions for UndeRank or SDGR EA EBLZ during the first match, ESL Malaysia Facebook

The first game started out favoring SDGR EA EBLZ, who had more gold and objectives taken. The game was looking bleak for UndeRank, but they were able to hold out till the later stages of the game. In the late game, Coffee’s Ziggs was able to deal massive damage while keeping a safe distance. This led to him being able to soften up SDGR EA EBLZ’s members before important team fights. Eventually, UndeRank made an unexpected comeback and won the first match.

UndeRank would proceed to keep their momentum and put SDGR EA EBLZ on the backfoot. UndeRank won the two proceeding games, ending the set at 3-0.

Lower Bracket Match: SEM9 vs Geek Fam

In the Lower Bracket, we had SEM9 and Geek Fam facing off against each other. SEM9 was able to take a point from Geek Fam by pushing and extending their lead in the first game. However, Geek Fam started to outmaneuver SEM9 in the following games by forcing team fights or rotating around the map to get picks.

Fans were reminded of the Geek Fam back in the Summer season of ESL Mobile Open 2021. The coordination and teamwork they displayed were top-notch. They were able to make a comeback, ending the set at 3-1 favoring Geek Fam.

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What’s next?

Later today, UndeRank will proceed to the next upper bracket match. This time they’ll be facing Berjaya Dragons, the top-performing team during group stages. Meanwhile, SDGR EA EBLZ and Geek Fam will be duking it out in the lower bracket.

You can catch the matches happening live on ESL Malaysia’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

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