[EN] Free Fire Elite Pass Season 54: Voltage Vengeance : Skins and Rewards

by Patrick Mark
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With a Vengeance, Free Fire hits November with a brand new Elite Pass for SEASON 54: Voltage Vengeance

This brand new Elite Pass from Free Fire is now available until WEDNESDAY 30th November 2022.

Pun intended the skins and other cosmetics available in this elite pass look electrifying, with cool hip hop inspired outfits paired with electric effects in yellow accent, this elite pass starts the month of November very strong for Free Fire.

In the all new Elite Pass S54 Voltage Vengeance, players can obtain THREE (3) variations;

  • Free Pass (FREE)
  • Elite Pass (500 Diamonds)
  • Elite Bundle (900 Diamonds)

Besides that, a Free Pass as always will be accessible to ALL users.

Additionally, players have the option to purchase the Elite Pass with Diamonds in 2 ways.

With the purchase of the Elite Pass, users will unlock the following:-

  • Unlock access to all Elite Rewards ( worth more than 10,000 diamonds)
  • able to earn more badges through Elite Challenges
  • Have the daily gold limit increase by 100
  • The exclusive badge shown on the nickname in kill notifications

Along with the Elite Bundle, players enjoy the perks and benefits of the Elite Pass, in addition to:-

  • Includes all Elite Pass privileges, plus FIFTY (50) additional badges
  • Instantly claim amazing rewards!


In order for users to raise badges of the Elite Pass and obtain more rewards, the rule of thumb is to complete as many elite challenges as possible. Users can do so by completing these challenges daily which is refreshed every day or weekly where new challenges will be rotated every week.

Or, if you want to speed through the levels without breaking a sweat, you’d have to spend Free Fire Diamonds in order to do so. Unfortunately, the function is locked behind a pay wall and it can be rather costly to max it out. However, SEAGM allows you to save up to 5% on every purchase! Following the feedback of why people chose SEAGM, it is because we are CHEAPER, and TRUSTED GLOBALLY.

Click here to max out your latest Elite Pass S54: Voltage Vengeance

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