Don’t Starve Franchise Weekend Sale

by Sammy Chan
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Everything is on Sale!

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Don’t Starve, with its interesting art style and dark elements that snap your back straight, this survival game mega-hit is on sale for the weekend! If you’ve not heard of it then you’re going to, very soon, because I’m about to tell you.
Don’t Starve is a game that expanded from being a single player on PC to a multiplayer, to mobile and now available on consoles! The goal of the game is to– shockingly– not starve! Although it’s not as simple as it seems. Players must juggle between fighting their own hunger and sanity and fighting the elements in the world. You will find that you’ll be forced to come up with new and innovative ways to keep yourself alive and that’s the exciting bit. Will you survive? But for how long?

When nothing goes right

Often you’ll find yourself in a situation like this and you’ll be forced to restart from Day 1.
Don’t Starve is the base game for the single player from which players will unlock new characters the more they accomplish as the main playable character– Wilson.
Don’t Starve Together, however, is an interesting multiplayer to which the goals of the game remain the same but you can pick and choose the elements in your world. And you can decide whether you want to work with your friends or against them.
This weekend deal, you will find that both the base games and the DLCs will be on sale so if you’re really keen to get right into it, I recommend you sweep them all up! The possibilities in this game are endless. If you’ve already got the game and haven’t gotten around to exploring the DLCs, now’s your chance! Everything is at least 30% off!
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