Does Dissidia NT Patch 1.07 Fix the Game?

by Sammy Chan
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The Dissidia Final Fantasy franchise took a sour turn with the release of Dissidia NT on PlayStation 4. Fundamentally and mechanically, it is a solid game with balanced characters and various classes to suit your playstyle. While this sounds nice, there is something very flawed with the new Dissidia entry; the online multiplayer.
Match-making in the game’s first few days live was a nightmare, and don’t even get started for when you start the match. Lag is fairly consistent and you’d get paired up with players so geographically random the ping would be so high. Last week, a new patch was released to remedy the issues. Here’s my thought on Dissidia NT patch 1.07.

NT’s Online Reputation


  • Implemented tournament functionality
  • Various quality-of-life improvements
  • Adjustments to ranked party match-making
  • Fixed minor bugs


Does It Work?

After playing the game over the weekend, I can confirm that the multiplayer component of the game has been repaired significantly but still requires improvements. Match-making has been improved tremendously, especially in ranked. I used to wait as long as 15 minutes in between ranked matches, only to get AI teammates and/or opponents. Sometimes, I would wait for a long amount of time only to be notified that I had been disconnected! Post-patch however, I waited for five minutes on average for matches. Games can come as quick as two minutes and as late as ten, but usually they’ll take shorter and fill in missing team members with AI. The AI problem seems to be less frequent as well, thanks to the ‘double-queue’ implementation (don’t ask me how that works).
Disconnects now happen less frequently in ranked. This may be an indication that players are grouped with players of the same region more often, providing a stronger connection. The quality of match-making has improved immensely but that doesn’t mean it’s no longer annoying or even bad. Lag is still prominent in around half of the games I played. In a competitive online brawler, this really should not be an issue. Timing your inputs correctly are still feasible, but in lagged matches, you may get misleading visual and audio cues. In custom lobbies, I had an enjoyable time playing Core Battles with Trueblade_Seeker, but many players kept experiencing disconnects. You can see for yourself here. Oh, and if you’re interested, I’m the one playing Bartz in that match. MVP, boys!

Some Other Things to Point Out

In terms of quality-of-life, the customization menu is now accessible while queuing in case you need to make last-minute changes. There is also an added ‘Continue’ option after playing a match with your partied-up friends. This means you no longer have to be sent back to the party match-making menu and click ‘ready’ after every match.
I can’t say much about tournament functionality as I have no clue what or even where that is in-game. The official website also doesn’t help much aside from listing upcoming tournaments.
Having beaten the campaign a long while back, I dropped the game for quite a while. I skipped patch 1.06 entirely and didn’t notice that a move-list was added to the character screen. This is a handy feature as the list is comprehensive and also details the features of each move.


All in all, I can vouch that Patch 1.07 isn’t a pointless one. Ranked match-making, though still somewhat irritating, has improved immensely. Ranked matches are also running in much better quality by having a stronger connection between players. There can still be some improvements, though. I would recommend allowing random players to stay in a team after playing a match, which would effectively reduce wait-time.
And for the love of everything Square Enix/ Team Ninja, move the game to dedicated servers. No one’s going to buy your damned DLC over the six-month season pass period if no one wants to play the game anymore.

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