Pembayaran E-Wallet DANA, LinkAja dan OVO kini tersedia di SEAGM

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Gunakan DANA, LinkAja, dan OVO E-Wallet di SEAGM sekarang!

SEAGM kini menyediakan pilihan pembayaran DANA, LinkAja dan OVO E-Wallet bagi pelanggan dari Indonesia. E-wallet adalah cara mudah bagi pelanggan melakukan transaksi atas talian atau online tanpa memerlukan kad kredit, dan merupakan antara pilihan terselamat dan terpopuler Indonesia pada tahun 2019.

Ketiga-tiga aplikasi E-Wallet ini boleh diunduh melalui App Store maupun Play Store buat pengguna Android. Jika kalian ingin mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut, klik di sini untuk cara pembayaran menggunakan perkhidmatan ini.

**English translation** 

SEAGM now offers DANA E-Wallet, LinkAja and OVO E-Wallet as payment methods for SEAGM’s website.

Firstly, DANA E-wallet is an easy and convenient “one-tap” payment solution for users to carry out online transactions. In short, it does not require a credit card, and additionally is one of the most trusted payment methods for Apple services such as App Store and Apple Music.

This led to it being one of the most downloaded E-wallets in Indonesia in 2018, and has only since surged in popularity to the second quarter of 2020.

Moreover, as of Q2 2019, it has the third most active user base among cashless solutions in Indonesia, beating out previous placeholders LinkAja and CIMB’s Go Mobile.

Likewise can be said for OVO. As of June 15, TheJakartaPost has reported that E-wallet OVO is Indonesia’s most popular payment option. 17.8 percent of respondents preferred OVO over Bank Central Asia’s online banking service.

**We also provide payment methods for various other countries such as India and Bangladesh.

Naturally, SEAGM would love to help connect with its customers and make transactions convenient. For more information on how to use DANA and OVO E-Wallet, click here.

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