Saturday, June 23, 2018
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All updates and ALERTS regarding SCAMMERS who is using SEA Gamer Mall's name or impersonate as SEAGM staff to scam

Scamming in World of Warcraft is pretty common. Many had fallen victim to in-game scams and more are still being scammed. It’s brought to our attention that there are groups of scammers in World of Warcraft.
请大家提防中国手游交易平台。很多都是诈骗各种点卡的网站比如MOLPoint, iTunes Gift Card, Google Play Gift Card, 神州行充值卡, 中国移动卡,联通一卡通,中国电信卡等等.
China scam site now targets SEA regions. These China scammers creates legitimate looking site and uses another merchant's bank account to scam via the classic 3rd Party Middleman scam method.
We would like to warn all customers to be wary of sites that request iTunes Gift Card as payment and SEA Gamer Mall has no affiliation with these websites.
Scammers are on the prowl again targeting players of online games. They are pretending to be SEA Gamer Mall staff or agents. Requesting their victims to bank in to our bank account.
Compilation of scammers that known to SEA Gamer Mall. Do your part by submitting any scammers that you know of to SEA Gamer Mall.