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The descent through Hell – Agony Review

Not sure if you want to take that descent into the deepest and darkest depths of Hell? Here's what we think about the game, read the full Agony review to find out!

Storm through medieval Europe! – Ancestors Legacy review

Pros: It has a Great combat that provides so many buffs and debuffs through skills the whether and location, Diversity with classes means each class feels different, Fun Campaign that lasts for hours, Tactical reasoning will increase your chances of victory Cons: Interphase could use more work especially considering you use it for about everything combat related

Armaggeddon Raven III Gaming Mouse Review

The mouse is pretty much your extended arm when it comes to controlling movement on the computer. Having a decent mouse is vital to ensuring...

When winter eats you for breakfast! – Northgard Review

Remember the good ol' days where you start off with a small base and a few villagers in classics like Age of Empire then proceeds...

Read this, boy! – God of War Review

God of War has been an absolute pleasure to play. This review, unlike every other, is probably late - I can explain! The reason...

Brace for a frozen extinction! – Frostpunk Review

A review of Frostpunk released for PC by developer 11 bit studios. Forstpunk is an excellent survival simulator crossed with city builder game and to which nets a solid 7/10. Its a little short and lacks replay value but the time I spent planning and building my city, along with ruling my people resulted in a game that had me truly immersed in its world.

What's A Moogle's Favorite Drink? – Dissidia FF Opera Omnia Review

Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia, despite bearing Dissidia within its title, is a markedly distinct departure from your traditional Dissidia lineup. Opera Omnia initially...

Alcatroz AirPad 1 Review

Having a Smart TV at home has become something quite common these days. As Smart TV goes, it usually requires some navigation to get...

Alcatroz X-Craft HP-5 Pro Review

If you've ever been looking for a 7.1 surround sound headphone, you'll know that they usually cost a fortune. The X-Craft HP-5 Pro, however,...