Play Goodgame Empire on SEAGM GameZone

You can now play Goodgame Empire directly on SEAGM GameZone. Prepare for battle!

Play Goodgame Studios Game on GameZone

In partnership with Goodgame Studios, SEA Gamer Mall customers are able to play Goodgame's Empire, Shadow Kings, Big Farm and Poker on GameZone.

DivoSaga New Server S13-Ophiuchus Launched

MMOG DivoSaga 13th new server Ophiuchus of DivoSaga on 28th January 2014 at 5pm (GMT+8). MMOG.Asia prepared various activities to help you to dominate the in game...

DivoSaga New Server Sagittarius Launched!

As MMOG DivoSaga celebrating the 1st Anniversary, new server S11-Sagittarius & Version 2.1 is awaiting you and Sky Castle will be launch at 31st Oct 2013, 5pm(GMT+8).There are also many other attractive new things are waiting for you to enjoy.

DivoSaga Version 2.1

DivoSaga version 2.1 updates comes with one major change which is Sky Castle map. The new map "Sky Castle", a new scene, is a place gather with power of holy and the Evil is unable to take any step closer to this place.

DivoSaga Season 2 God Revolution

DivoSaga God Revolution Season 2 has begin, battle with the honor of Divo, who will be the last man on the stage of this Season 2 God Revolution? The honor and rewards are awaiting you!

弹弹堂10堂开服啦! 开服7天乐活动!



弹弹堂4.9之盗墓迷城即将在弹弹堂 10堂推出!2013年7月30日下午4pm (+8GMT)


《神曲》新服务器-血浴之地携于2013年7月16日(周二) 5PM火爆登场~!想知更多开服活动详情立即点击下方的链接吧!

DivoSaga new server Virgo launched. Exclusive events!

The latest server (Virgo) of DivoSaga has been launched. Come join thousands of Lord of DivoSaga to play the game! Exclusive events for DivoSaga Virgo server.

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