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Lara into the shadows – Shadow of the Tomb Raider review

Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the last installment in the Tomb Raider trilogy truly showed Lara Croft's potential. Throughout the series, Lara grew as...

A murder mystery to sink your teeth into – Vampyr Review

Considering if you should sink your teeth into Vampyr? Check out our Vampyr review to help you decide if this is worth your time!

Why should you play Fortnite? – Fortnite Review

Let's start with the obvious - there are dozens of Battle Royale games you can play right now. Some of them are simple, others...

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit sets stage for sequel

In their latest release, the DONTNOD Entertainment reward its fan base with a brief interlude into the Life is Strange universe. The Amazing Adventures...

Burying corpses has never been so much fun – Graveyard keeper Alpha Impressions

Graveyard Keeper is tiny builds latest simulation game. It involves collecting bodies for dissection along with micro managing your day to day activities. Your overall goal is to run a successful graveyard so that you can return home to see your loved ones. Its a fantastic game but one that's currently in alpha so a lot of the content is locked. Tiny build still however have the makings for something really unique and special here. After many hours playing it, the completed version will be something i can recommend to any fan of the genre

Join the Androids Union! – Detroit: Become Human Review

Traverse through the morality of the game in helping the Androids process their feelings for humanity. Still unsure? Then read through this Detroit: Become Human Review to humanize yourself.

The descent through Hell – Agony Review

Not sure if you want to take that descent into the deepest and darkest depths of Hell? Here's what we think about the game, read the full Agony review to find out!

Storm through medieval Europe! – Ancestors Legacy review

Pros: It has a Great combat that provides so many buffs and debuffs through skills the whether and location, Diversity with classes means each class feels different, Fun Campaign that lasts for hours, Tactical reasoning will increase your chances of victory Cons: Interphase could use more work especially considering you use it for about everything combat related

When winter eats you for breakfast! – Northgard Review

Remember the good ol' days where you start off with a small base and a few villagers in classics like Age of Empire then proceeds...