Poker Live Show Game Tournament

GREAT NEWS for social casino gamers! Poker Live Show is organizing a Game Tournament with prizes of USD300 FREE Game Card every day. 15 days of fun-filled Game Tournament!...

Steam Autumn Sales 2016

Good news! Steam Autumn Sales 2016 will be happening November 23 at 9:50am PT and end on November 29 at 10:10am PT. This means it'll start at 1.50AM GMT +8 Kuala Lumpur time!

Steam Weeklong Deals – July 12th, 2016

Check out the Steam Weeklong Deals on Steam! Happening every Tuesday to the follow Tuesday! 1AM-1AM (GMT +8) Kuala Lumpur Time. This week highlights = Planetbase, The New Adventure Company Hits Collection, Ashes of the Singularity and Space Colony: Steam Edition with discount up to 90%!

DOTA 2 The Fall 2016 Battle Pass

Summer has gone and Fall is here! DOTA 2 The Fall 2016 Battle Pass is now available for purchase at USD7.99.

The Steam Awards 2016 Nominations

For the first time ever, The Steam Awards nominees will be decided by Steam Community, i.e, Steam users themselves.

DOTA 2 Fall 2016 Treasure III released!

Finally, DOTA 2 Fall 2016 Treasure III has been released to all DOTA 2 players who has Fall 2016 Battle Pass. Get it now!

The International 2016 Battle Pass

Valve just released The International 2016 Battle Pass a few hours ago! This time it's loaded with plenty of objectives, features as well as exclusive rewards.


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Steam Summer Sales 2016 on 23rd June 2016

Steam Summer Sales 2016 is happening on 23rd June 2016! It's love hate relationship between gamer and Valve. Each sales burn a big hole in gamer's wallet but that's the time they could buy their game wish list at a big discount!

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