Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is -75% off this weekend

by Sammy Chan
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The original Bulletstorm released back in 2011. The game did not sell well and flown under the radar from most gamers, unfortunately. The original game on Windows PC launched exclusively on Games For Windows Live, which was the bane of every PC gamers out there. The notoriety of GFWL caused many PC gamers to steer clear of the game.
With GFWL terminated and Full Clip Edition brought back by Gearbox Publishing, this is the definitive edition on the Steam platform! Full Clip Edition features remastered graphics with 4k resolution support, Overkill Campaign Mode which starts the player having access to all of the game’s weapons, and six new Echo maps.

How much of a sale are we talking here?

Bulletstorm‘s single-player campaign can be a short one but, that just seems to be the case for most FPS games out there. Because FPS games are mostly linear in the storyline, there are little to no side-quests to take up. We’ll give a general breakdown of the number of hours you can get in completing the game. From start to finish.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition (-75% off)
US$9.99 / RM16.25

Main story: 7½ Hours.
Main + Extras: 9½ Hours.
Completionist: 15 Hours.
With short playable hours that the game offers, the game can be a hard sell. However, Full Clip Edition currently is on it’s highest discount on Steam yet. There are rarely any games would break the 75% discount mark. What sets Bulletstorm apart from the regular shooter is that it features creative skill-shots, whereby the player can kill the enemies in the most gruesome way possible. The more creative and gruesome the kill is, the higher score the player can achieve. The game is perfect for a mindless weekend fun!
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Although a sequel to the game is unlikely, do not miss one of the most underrated gems of the previous generation. The kills made in this game will be memorable, that’s for sure.

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