Brawlout Headed To PlayStation 4

by Sammy Chan
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The Nintendo exclusive franchise Super Smash Bros has an extremely niche yet dedicated fan base dating back from ’99 until now. The latest title in the franchise will be releasing soon for the Nintendo Switch. That being said, it doesn’t have the largest player base despite many people wanting to give it a spin.
Thus, many studios and indie developers try to create clones of the ‘smash’-hit for some quick cash.

Holds a Candle to EVO Titles

Yesterday, PlayStation announced that Smash-clone, Brawlout. It is set to receive a summer 2018 release. The 2017 Nintendo Switch and Microsoft title were mediocrely received, averaging a score of 6 out 10 by reviewers. Nevertheless, it serves as a solid party game accessible by fighting game casuals and experienced fighters alike. It does so by giving players easy access to fluid, aggressive and stylish attacks while still providing space for equally impressive counter-attacks, making timing and strategy key for high-level play.
The game shares several mechanics of other high-level competitive fighting games, such as wave-dashing and rage systems. It was also a revealing title in EVO, giving a grand first impression. In addition to that, it hosts a diverse roster of characters that have different move-sets. Projectiles are also a feature in the game, allowing for a wider range of tactics.
Two popular franchises will be featured in the Smash-esque party game. The Protagonist from Indie hit Hyper Light Drifter and PlayStation Vita icon Juan from Guacamelee. Brawlout will be getting a physical Switch release late-May 2018 and PS4 and XB1 release summer 2018.

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