Blizzard Giving Away Free Hearthstone Card Pack

by Sammy Chan
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Free card pack to mark the launch of gifting! is finally launching their new social features. To mark the occasions, anyone who logs in to the Gifts page prior to 31 December will get a free Hearthstone card pack. Besides gifting, the new social features also include Blizzard Groups, user profiles, and avatar. Subsequently, you can now appear offline — the one feature everyone has been asking for. As “gifting” would go, the gifting features will allow players to purchase in-game items to gift.

Free Hearthstone Card Pack

How To Gift

Head on over to the shop and pick out the item you want to gift. Instead of selecting “Buy Now”, select “Gift”. From there on you can select the recipient from your friend list then check out as per usual. If you have a nice friend who sends you a gift instead, you will get a notification in the upper-right hand corner of the client. Click the “Claim” button in the pop-up window to receive your gift.

More free Hearthstone card pack?

Don’t forget you can pick up a free Whispers of the Old Gods Pack for logging into the Hallow’s End event between 24 October and 30 October. You can also get yourself a Golden Classic Pack if you subscribing to Twitch Prime between November and January.

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