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This series of Valorant map callout guides will cover all the locations, or “callouts”, for every map in Valorant. This text and visual guide will cover Bind and Haven map callouts. The next guide in the series will cover Split and Ascent. You may notice your favorite Twitch streamers using names different from what the developers have officially given them. Therefore, this text and visual guide will cover the map locations. The next guide in the series will cover Split and Ascent.

valorant maps

Why Knowing the Bind and Haven Map Callouts are Important!

Valorant is a game that thrives on communications. While clicking heads and fragging is important, having the jump on the enemies’ positioning will give players a huge tactical advantage in unrated and competitive modes.

Bind Map Callouts

Bind is a map that only has two sites with no mid-lane. Split between going left or right, players can also pull quick repositioning by using any of the two one-way teleporters.

Bind – Defenders Side

A// Defenders

valorant map callouts

Pipes – The tunnelway that connects Defender Spawn to A-site. This is also the path players use to access Heaven without any jump-boosting abilities.

Heaven – A strategic elevated platform where Defenders usually hide to pick off any A-side attackers. Has a clear view of “Showers” and a decent view of the “Truck”. The game lists this area as “Tower”.


Gate – The wall on the left of “Heaven”. Some Defenders may take cover behind the wall waiting to ambush unwary Attackers.

Tetris – The four blocks of Radianite set in the middle of A-site. It provides decent cover from Heaven but is wall-bangable.

Truck – Needless to say, the large truck that also happens to be rather oddly designed.

U-Hall – The enclosed space that loosely connects “Mid” to “Pipes”. To transfer between “U-hall” and “Pipes”, however, players will need to briefly expose themselves to A-site.

Teleporter – From the defender’s perspective, Teleporter is on the right, right before “Cubby”. Sometimes people get lazy and call it “TP”.

valorant map callouts

B// Defenders

valorant bind
valorant bind

Halls/Labs – The strip of tunnel that connects Attacker Spawn to B-site. Proceeding further down leads to the outdoor “elbow”.

Elbow – The short strip of corridor with the dirt flooring. You enter elbow just as you leave the “Hall” and you get a good glimpse of the “Window”.

Box – Smack middle of the B-site is “Box”. Bear in mind that you’ll want to be as descriptive as possible. “On Box, In Box, Behind Box, Box from Window” and so on.

Wall – The area that provides some cover from the “Window”, as well as provides a decent view of inside the “box”.

Shiny – Similar to the Attacker’s “Double Box”, “Shiny” is covered spaced behind the two Radianite boxes

Back Site – The area between “Shiny” and “Halls” entrance.

Hookah – Viewable from “Top Box”, Hookah is a great camping spot to anticipate enemies coming from “Teleporter” and xxx

Dropbox – Is an accurately specific callout to identify enemies as it’s a devastating camping spot for unsuspecting enemies coming from “Hookah”. This can also be referred to as “Hookah Box”

Window – Is an accurately specific callout to identify enemies at the border of “Dropbox” and “Hookah”. Window is provides cover from “Halls” but is wall-bangable. Calling it out to suppressive fire may lead to a free kill.

Bind – Attackers Side

A// Attackers

valorant bind

Tunnels – Literal tunnels.

Proceeding to the right of the wall, you will encounter:

“A” Lobby – Also known as vines or faucet due to the landmarks.

Showers – The entirety of the tiled flooring. It can be accessed from “A Lobby” and leads to A-site. Be careful as the exit is exposed to Heaven.

If you go to the left:

valorant bind

Stairs – The cutest flight of stairs.

Cubby – The secluded area behind the teleporter. It is also known as “Carpet”.

Double Box – A wall-bangable cover that can also be mounted by Raze or Jett.

Teleporter – Fancy hole in the wall go “brrrr”.

B// Attackers

Market – The area with the blue and cream walls

B-short – Is the area just outside of “Market”. Be wary of campers to the right of “Market” exit. The box in view is wall-bangable. Also note that players teleporting from A will also be in view should they exit the teleporter. It attaches to “Hookah” on the front left and “Teleporter” on the front right.

B-Lobby – This area is more commonly addressed as “Fountain”. It attaches to “B-Long”.

B-Long – At the end of the strip, “B-side Teleporter” is to your left and “Arches” is to your right (from Attackers side)

Arches/Garden – These are the two common names for the cuboid space between “B-Site” and “B-Long”.

Door Box – An elevated building that is mountable with abilities. Be wary as this is a viable camping spot for Defenders.

bind fountain

Haven Map Callouts

valorant haven

Haven is large map that is heavy on verticality. With a whopping three sites and multiple entries to each, players will need to keep their eyes peeled for enemy activity as there’s no telling what’s going to come around the corner of this dauntingly huge map. Since Haven has a whopping three sites to cover, we will address the callouts and locations in a more neutral approach compared to how we handled Bind.

Defenders Spawn – Heading to the right leads you to the C side, while to the left will bring you to A side. Both routes can lead to the B site.

Attackers Spawn – Heading to the right leads you to the A side, while left to the C side. Similarly, both routes connect to B site.

A// Lobby

Garden – The open space that connects to B and A-Lobby.

Lobby – The small room. To the right of it is “Banana / A-Long”, and straight ahead is “Tunnels” that leads to “A-Short”

A// Banana


A-Long/Banana – Also known as “Banana” because CS: GO players think they own everything.

Bricks – The set of bricks that provide cover from enemies coming from “A-Site”

Double/Boxes – The two boxes that are stacked onto each other. They provide cover for Defenders against Attackers coming from “A-Lobby”.

A-Long Cubby – The small extension of “Banana/A-Long”. Generally to provide cover against enemies from “A-Site”

A// Short

valorant haven

Tunnels – Self-explanatory

Sewers – The lowest level of “Tunnels”.

A-Short – The entrance to “A-site”

A-Site – Self-explanatory.

A// Defenders

valorant map guide

Heaven – Similar to Bind, this area is an elevated platform from the bomb site and provides advantageous positioning. For a more critical shot-calling, break down this area to specifics to “Heaven-Window” and “Heaven-Stairs”.

Hell/Dark – Where we’re all going. Some players refer to it as “Dark”.

Yellow/A-Main – Lots of names; Yellow, CT-Side-A, A-Main.

Red – The route heading towards “B-Site”.

valorant map guide

C// Defenders

valorant map guide

C-ramp – Also “Stairs”. Connects players coming immediately from CT-Spawn (Defenders Spawn) to C-site.

Garage – Houses a few cover areas.

C// Garage

valorant haven

Window – Self-explanatory

Triple/Boxes – The boxes on the left from Defenders side

C// Site


Double – The two stacked boxes

Plat/Platform – An elevated platform, great for camping against enemies from C-long

Tetris/Middle Box – The large box smack middle of the Site.

Connector – Call it “Short” if you want, it leads to the “Garage”.

C-Long – A long narrow path that’s excellent for sniping enemies.

C// Attackers

valorant map guide

Square – The grassy plain.

Dragon – The area just before C-Long

C-Cubby – A small area providing cover in C-Long.

valorant haven

B// Site


Boost – From Defender’s Side, these set of boxes are to the right. Additionally, they can be mounted via means of abilities.

Box/Tetris – The extrusion smack dab of the middle of the site. This too can be mounted via means of abilities.

Back Site – A small area with wall-bangable cover

B// Mid


Mid-Side – From defenders POV, the area to the right of B-Site

Mid-Cubby – The secluded area nearby the window.

Mid-Window – The hugest window in all of the game. The walls are wall-bangable.

B// Barn


Barn – Mid entryway from Attackers

Mid-doors – Leads to “Garage”

Double Box – Mountable by Abilities

Effectively Communicate With Your Team Using These Bind and Haven Map Callouts!

That concludes this Valorant Guide. We hope you found out enough about the Bind and Haven map callouts to effectively communicate with your team. Huge thanks to Carnage Gaming for his comprehensive and in-depth videoes.

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