Popular MOBA Battlerite Announces Battle Royale Mode

by Sammy Chan
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Battlerite, despite the name, had nothing to do with the Battle Royale genre. But that’s all about to change as developers confirmed a 20-player Battle Royale mode coming to the game. This free-to-play MOBA was made available through early access on Steam in 2016 and rose to popularity garnering over 4 million players since its launch.

Battle Royale Mode

Stunlock Studios mentioned that they intend to make the Battle Royale Map 30 times as big as the regular maps. Though, for obvious reasons, they can’t allow 100 players to load into the map like Fortnite and PUBG. So they settled with 20 players.
According to the subreddit, you can either queue solo or with another person for a duo. Nothing will change regarding your game play perspective. It’s still the same top-down point of view. The only thing that will change is the map size and the fact that there are 19 other players on the same map trying to outlive you. You can still choose your champions. And just like in other traditional Battle Royale games, you must search for items on the map to help survive.
According to Stunlock, winning the game “depends on factors such as players’ skill, map awareness, situational builds and a sliver of luck.” To me, it doesn’t sound much different from the regular mode.
Of course, there are many questions surrounding how this will work as a MOBA Battle Royale has never been done before. Many fans has high hopes for this gamemode but others are sceptical. The Battle Royale genre certainly feels like it’s been stretched to its limits but perhaps Stunlock Studios will surprise us. Afterall, we’ve played Battle Royale shooters, why not MOBAs?
If you want to join the discussion, here’s a link to the Battlerite subreddit. What do you think about a Battle Royale MOBA? Let us know!

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