APAC VCT Last Chance Qualifier Format

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Organized by RIOT, VALORANT Champions 2021 is the first-ever end-of-year finals for the hit FPS VALORANT. Announced earlier this month, VALORANT Champions 2021 take place in Berlin. The tournament will host 16 of the best teams in the world.

Currently, the third stage of VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) is now in its quarterfinals, and teams are competing for circuit points that will allow them to qualify for Valorant Champions 2021 and be one of the 16 teams to represent their region.

This does not spell the end for the teams who did not qualify for champions during Masters 3, as Riot is currently organizing the VCT APAC Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ).

Scheduled on October 11 – 17, the VCT APAC (LCQ) will give teams from Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, South Asia, and China another chance at a place in VALORANT Champions 2021.


The APAC LCQ will allow 10 teams from 5 regions of Asia, distributed as follows:

  • Southeast Asia – 3
  • China – 2
  • Korea – 2
  • Japan – 2
  • South Asia – 1

Teams with the most Circuit points in their region, and who have not already qualified for the event in the stage 3 Masters, will be given the slot for their regions. In regions where Circuit points were not awarded, top-performing teams from the largest events to date will be invited to participate in the APAC LCQ.


APAC VCT Last Chance Qualifier - Format

APAC VCT Last Chance Qualifier – Format, Image courtesy of Riot

Firstly, to create the 10 team bracket, the top teams from Southeast Asia, China, Korea, and Japan get a seed in the second round. Secondly, Southeast Asian teams cannot match with each other in the initial rounds. Then, the remaining teams will be randomly seeded for the first round.

Teams will fight through a double-elimination bracket with a best-of-3 format at each stage between October 11-16. The Grand Finals will be in a best-of-5 format on October 17. Finally, the victorious team will take the final seat in the upcoming VALORANT Champions!

The travel restrictions and quarantine requirements across the APAC region have come to light. Thus, Riot has made the decision to hold this year’s APAC LCQ as a streamlined, online-only event.

The APAC LCQ will kick off on Monday, October 11. The broadcasts start from 3 PM GMT +8 for the initial rounds. After that, the semi-finals and finals will be broadcast at 5 PM GMT +8. Full details of the schedule can be found on VALORANTesports.com

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