5 Must-try Games from Steam Halloween Sales 2017

by Sammy Chan
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It’ll be an actual nightmare if you missed out on these spooky deals!

The Steam Halloween Sales 2017 is here until 1 November. Besides a selection of horror games, there’s also a selection of horror VR games and horror movies. However, in this article, we’ll be featuring 5 games that we recommend you try. Take advantage of the low, low price!

Steam Halloween Sales 2017

Death Road to Canada (40% off)

Steam rating: Overwhelmingly Positive (1, 721)
This is one game that, in our opinion, that you HAVE to get especially now that it’s on sales. Built for replay value, this is a road trip simulator with a twist. Every event, locations, survivor appearances and personalities are different making every gameplay unique. Go on a road trip in a car while you manage four very interesting characters and mow down (or succumb to) the horde of zombies coming for you!

Steam Halloween Sales 2017

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines (75% off)

Steam rating: Very Positive (4, 466)
This is one of those game that withstands the test of time. Despite being released in 2004, this game is still extremely fun. Yes, this game is almost 13 years old. Feel old yet? Bloodlines is an RPG game that puts you in a massive world of vampires. The experience is different many since there many clans and classes that you can try. It’s a game world getting and one with very high replay value.

Steam Halloween Sales 2017

Resident Evil Biohazard (50% off)

Steam rating: Very Positive (7, 988)
There’s no need for us to try and convince you to play this one. It’s scary, it’s well done and it still gives me nightmares. Resident Evil Biohazard is one of those horror game that truly makes you feel trapped and powerless despite having weapons. Are you daring enough venture further into this abandoned southern farmhouse to uncover the truth of what really happened? Also, bugs. SO MANY BUGS. No, not in-game bugs, literal crawlies — everywhere. The only cons are that the game felt a little which makes this the perfect time to get it since it’s 50% off.

Steam Halloween Sales 2017

Detention (50% off)

Steam rating: Overwhelmingly Positive (4, 126)
A point-and-click 2D horror game that really takes you back. Detention is set in 1960s Taiwan when it was still under martial law. The game starts you off as Wei, a high school student trapped in the school during a typhoon. Your only companion is a mysterious upper-classman named Ray. The campus is now haunted by evil creatures and they must figure out how to escape. Explore the campus, hide from monsters and interact with items to unveiled the dark past of a cursed school. The lesson of the day? Never split up!

Steam Halloween Sales 2017

Prey (25% off)

Steam rating: Very Positive (5. 632)
If you’re a fan of Bioshock, Deux Ex, and Half-Life, you need to check Prey out. Stranded on a space station named Talos I, you play as Morgan Yu as you set out to uncover the secrets of a space station now overrun by hostile aliens. This is a great game that is best played with no knowledge of the plot but we can promise you, you’ll enjoy it.
There are a lot more games and movies on sales. Don’t forget to check the full list out on your Steam client! More details here for dates of two other Steam Sales coming in 2017.

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1 comment

Kay Donovan 30/10/2017 - 7:34 am

Well, Prey and Biohazard are very good choices, they are new and exciting, if not super awesome and popular. They are probably the newest options for this sale, which is otherwise pretty good with games like STALKEr and VTMB (need to reinstall now)

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