5 Best Co-Op Games For The Holiday Season

by Sammy Chan
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Happy holidays! We hope you’re spending the last days of 2017 well. There’s still a few days before everyone starts writing their new year resolutions so don’t you worry about that just yet. Since most people would be spending the holidays with friends and family, you must be tired of playing Jenga and monopoly at gatherings. So, here’s a list of co-op games for the holiday season. They’re arranged in no particular order and they’re family-friendly, mostly (we’re looking at you, Mario Kart).


Image via Steam

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
First up is Overcooked. This is a local co-op game with an amusing and adorable animation style. The goal of the game is to prepare meal orders whilst working with your friends. This is the perfect bonding game with your friends and family. You build synergy, possibly learn something new about your friends. Like what a terrible cook they are. There are various stages all with different themes. Also, the cute graphics will greatly appeal to children so it’s a good way to keep them in one place.
A maximum of 4 players can play the game at one time as long as you have enough controllers. The game is currently 66% off on Steam.

Mario Kart 8

Image via Nintendo

Platform: Nintendo Switch, Wii U
One of the most beloved Nintendo franchises of all time and need I say more? It has all the elements of a great party game. The competitiveness of the racing pulls big groups of people together and the nostalgic graphics ensures everyone has a good time. Mario Kart is a great way to break the ice and get to know people as everyone will be working toward a common goal during gameplay. Also, things get pretty rowdy when there’s a competition and that will help to liven up the festivities. The best part? It has local multiplayer. That’s right, the classic 4 way split screen.
Up to 4 people can race each other at the same time on the same console. However, this game is a Nintendo exclusive and that means limited availability.

Castle Crashers

Image via Steam

Platform: PC, PlayStation 3, PSP, Xbox 360, Xbox One
An old game but a fun co-op game no less. This game was released back in 2008 and it’s still one of the most fun local co-op games out there. You play as 4 differently colored knights that will work together and sometimes against each other. They all have different skills you can upgrade as you level. Each level is beautifully designed and each boss has a unique fight pattern. The art is well-drawn and the animations are often comical.
Also, there are some major ‘What the heck?’ moments in the game that make for a great conversation starter. This game is mostly beginner friendly so you don’t have to worry about obscene level difficulties annoying the casuals or non-gamers.
The game is currently at an 80% discount on the Steam Winter Sales.

Just Dance 2017

Image via DualShocker

Platform: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbone One, Nintendo Switch, Wii U
So in this game, you are supposed to mirror the dance moves on screen. You will earn points based on how accurately you replica the moves. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “There’s no way I’ll play this game. I can’t dance.” Well, most of the people who play this game can’t dance either. It’s not the act of dancing that makes this game so much fun, it is watching the individual interpretation of dance moves that make this game great.
All you need is a couple of brave people to step up for the first round and soon, everyone will be asking for a turn in front of the camera. It is hilarious. There’s a ripple effect of joy and laughter that spreads when you play this game. And when you start moving around, the adrenalin kicks in and it’s a completely different sort of high.
It’s alright if you did not purchase extra sets of motion controllers, just get all players to download the Just Dance 2017 app to their phone. Your phone will then act as the motion censoring control. It’s easy to set up and the game will show you how.

Super Mario Odyssey

Image via Nintendo

Platform: Nintendo Switch
One of the most talked about game of 2017. Nominated for Game of the Year and winner of the Game Awards 2017, Best Family Game category. Nintendo knows how to make good games. Platformers can make great party games and I’ll tell you why. Backseat gaming can sometimes be more fun than actually playing the game. Especially when you play it on the big screen, every single death and mess up will be put on blast. Watching someone play a game can make for a great conversation starter. Think of it like watching live sports.
Because in games as vast and beautifully designed as Super Mario Odyssey, people can’t help but watch. In addition, there is a local co-op mode in the game in which player one plays as Mario and player two plays as Cappy. Together you will work together to solve puzzles and avoid traps.
Unfortunately, the only console you can play this game on is the Nintendo Switch.
We hope these suggestions came in handy. Enjoy the festivities and don’t forget to have fun!

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