How to update Maplestory 2 in SEA region (with picture guides)

After posting up how to download Maplestory 2 in SEA region and how to play it, I’ve been getting lots of question asking how to update the game. Or, there are comments from user encountering problem when trying to update the game. So here’s a guide on How to update Maplestory 2 in SEA region! I’d like to remind everyone following these guides that the current Maplestory 2 Global is meant for US, EU, and OCE only. So if your connection isn’t strong enough you might face disconnectivity. There’s really no other way around this other than to just wait for an Asian release. Facing such a problem might be even more frequent if you follow this guide but you’re not from Southeast Asia since we have the luxury of connecting to OCE. That might not be the case for other Asian countries.
Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk! We’re only showing you what works for us, we are not to be held responsible should you experience technical difficulties.

How to update Maplestory 2 in SEA region

Now, how do we know when there’s an update? Well for one, you just have to boot up the launcher one day and realize it’s going extra slow. That’s when you know there’s an update. Or, you could just follow Maplestory 2 on their social accounts and stay updated. Previously in my download guide, I suggested OpenVPN. It seems to be super slow so this time I’m testing out a new VPN, Windscribe. We’ll be doing updates with Windscribe since it’s faster.

  • Download and install Windscribe.
  • Open up your Nexon launcher, WITHOUT VPN, let it to update maplestory 2 in sea
  • Once it’s done, close the launcher. Make sure to exit it completely via the system tray as well.
  • Now boot up Windscribe, choose any server in the US, and connect. I used US East >Chicago.
  • Turn on Windscribe via the ON button.
  • Open the Nexon launcher again. You’ll probably be put back into the log in screen and get this reactivation warning.

how to update maplestory 2 in sea

  • Click on REACTIVATE. Retrieve the code from the e-mail you signed up with. Do this with your phone browser/e-mail app.
  • Enter the code and your new password.
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure your new password is something completely different than the old one. If you enter the old password, your account will get a temporary access-block due to the launcher flagging it as suspicious activity.
    • For example, your current password could be abcd1234, so just make your new one 9876stuv. Something like that. What I do is I use the two same password and just swap them everytime I get hit with this reactivation problem. This makes it easier to remember.

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Updating Maplestory 2

  • Once you’re done with that, log in and the Maplestory 2 update should begin automatically if there’s one.
  • Now the best part about using Windscribe, is that it has great speed and a 10GB data pool (if you provide your e-mail during sign up, do it, it’s worth it). Just let the thing update with Windscribe, no need to disconnect.
  • Wait for a bit, then the update is done and you can continue Mapling again!
  • Click play, wait for Nexon Security to pop up, count to five AFTER it disappears and disconnect from Windscribe.
  • The moment you see the Maplestory logo, you’re good to go!

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